via Daily Prompt: Fishing


While I prefer fishing at the Grandparent’s lake in NH, I don’t live there anymore and often have to settle for the salt marshes along San Francisco bay.  (Pictured above, by Menlo Park).


The white patch in the distance in the second picture is also of the San Francisco Bay as  I drive along Route 35 in Woodside, by Stanford University in Palo Alto / Stanford, CA.

I’m up in the hills, making my way toward Santa Cruz / Felton so that I can go fishing on Loch Lomond, where I hear there are fish (I have no actual success in capturing any, so it’s more a rumor than fact at this point).


I will go fishing with a hiking friend, and we’ll take a paddle boat out on the loch, and I’ll spend all my time trying to catch something while she gets off to hike for a bit before coming back to join me.

Dealing with COPD, the effort to paddle there (even sharing the work) can be quite taxing, so I stay in the boat when she goes off to hike, as I just can’t get to my feet as I’ve used up all my energy and need to recoup.


Fishing is the best of all things for me.  I get outdoors.  I get to look like I’m being active.  Mostly, I get to pass for normal for a little bit by doing something easy.  Fishing is one of the highlights of my life.  Fishing keeps me well.

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