via Daily Prompt: Maddening

In the scope of the big things in life, my aggravation with my cable provider is not worth a lick of spit.

But, as someone who is trying to live within a fixed budget, and who is mostly trapped at home during the colder months, the quixotic changes and unnecessary restrictions of technology are MADDENING.


Does anyone else know that the cable company no longer uses the standard cable (you know, that black or white cable that connects your signal to the mother ship), to the actual TV ? ? ? ! ! !

I’ve been busy painting my new home, and let the cable guy hook up the TV without looking at the connections.  I have a roku device, that needs the HDMI port to function, and it is only today that I found out that my TV has a single HDMI input, and that the cable port on the box has been disabled.  Permanently.  cable-outlet

On the one hand, disconnecting my RF Out cable line defeats my ability to port the TV to my bedroom so that I can watch the same channel on all TV’s.

But, on the other hand, this had me so aggravated and tearing out my hair that I spent my afternoon doing research.  (Not the laundry, not cleaning, not cooking – all things that were on the schedule for today).


Instead, I spent time trying to figure out if I could purchase ethernet cable to connect the TV’s to the cable box (no idea), and that buying a living room TV (if I ever have money again) will mean that I have to be sure that there are at least (AT LEAST) two (2) HDMI outlets at this refusal to use the cable port means that every other new tool will be fighting for access to the HMDI port.  (Sigh).


Yes, it’s maddening to feel like you’re out of step, and that the only thing that will fix your aggravation is a sharp influx of cash.  You know, that thing that you don’t have much of anymore, now that you’re locked into the house for the Winter due to being out on disability.

So, sorry, Roku.  It will be awhile before I get to use you in the living room, as my cable company refuses to use the cable wire (and I can’t give up the cable bill because it’s part of my space lease and non-negotiable).  Maddening !



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