Today’s daily post prompt:   Sacred

Of course, the first thing I thought of is, “Is nothing Sacred anymore???” because that’s just the smart*ss kind of person I am.

To me, sacred moments are personal moments.  Things that bring joy in passing.  The little things in life:




Instead, the belief of what is sacred is often trained into us as children:

12c6732c5657276e7c19544f0f813ded   and regular practice of “duties” 161eeb0fee4895e46c178014542f59bf

so we become believers for a cause due to programming, vs. understanding the difference between the sacred and the profane.  Sad.

I know that there are things larger than me in the heavens that I will never understand, so my life is based on sacred moments of joy in time spent with friends and family, or appreciating the world around us.

images-6  images-5

images-4  images-3

Whatever non-violent act brings peace to your soul is sacred to me.

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