Angry Neighbors

Or, something like that…


It’s been a little over a month, and I’m still trying to figure out my next door neighbors.  You know, the strange man who was so obsessed with my “Fire Hazard” grass that he offered to pay someone to do my yard.


Hell no.

Since then, we’ve continued to be cordial, but he is weirder than weird.  I’ve yet to see his wife, who suffers from MS, and he has nothing nice to say about anyone when we talk in passing.

The latest challenge is the fact that he cannot do ANYTHING quietly.

Going to the store?  Slam the door.

Going to empty the trash?  Slam the trash bins around, and slam the door leaving the house as well as when he’s going back into the house.

As the month of November has progressed (was Halloween just yesterday or last week???), his door slamming has gotten worse.  And, his hours of door slamming have gotten longer.


Last night, I was popping up like a gopher to check both doors to see if I could figure out who was slamming the damned door at 1am (no, I don’t move that fast), and he caught me this morning, after I popped up from a nap on the couch to finally catch him slamming the door no less than 5+ times (possibly trying to get it to lock properly).  I thought it was him, but every time I chased the sound to the window, the yards on both sides of me were empty.

As long as my first worry has been resolved (he doesn’t appear to be having a fight with his wife, or slamming the door in anger), then I just have to adjust to this nasty and noisy habit along with the:

– excessively loud bass on his TV sound system (which I can feel vibrating my bones)

– plus the decelerating airplanes making their way to the San Jose airport

– plus the freight trains, which seem to send their biggest loads at 3am

– plus the car racing teens (since the high school is just on the other side of our property)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to have a place to live that I can afford.  But, it really chaps my hide to know that this is the cost of cheaper rent / mortgage costs.  Noisy people that I just can’t get way from, and whom I hesitate to rebuke as we’re stuck with each other, whether or not we can get along.

Hopefully, today’s gopher pop got his attention to get him to rethink the necessity of slamming the danged door.  Over and over and over.

Until I get to find a way to ask him to fix the door or try simply pulling it closed vs. slamming it (because my door has a similar problem, that doesn’t force me to slam it), I think I’ll have fantasies such as this…


2 thoughts on “Angry Neighbors

  1. Here’s a few things to try: (and I’ve tried them all with that asshat commercial trucking concern behind my house):
    1. Try talking to the person doing the banging and politely request that they remember they have neighbors and you appreciate a quiet patch. This (IMHO) has limited effectiveness because most people making a lot of fucking noise seem deaf to their own noise pollution.
    2. When one of the offensive noises occurs, scream at the perp – I use “SHITHEAD MF%$@#%^@!! SHUT THE F*CK UP! but I’ve found that has limited effectiveness and actually I feel sort of stupid screaming at a truck (because the drivers appear to be deaf). Given that your noise polluter is an actually human, this might work, BUT
    3. Call the police and lodge a complaint. Particularly if the asshole is doing it in the middle of the %$@# night. That way the cops ‘have’ to deal with the idiot, you aren’t involved directly, and all remains peaceful in regard to your relationship with idiots next door to you directly. And you don’t look like a whiny asshole yourself. Now to ME? This last one is the most effective in cases like yours. In my case? As the cops have said “Well what are we going to do about it? Ticket the trailer??” You have a target.

    But as you’re a reasonable and kind individual maybe talking to the old fool about his loud TV and his propensity to bang his fuckin’ door is worth a shot. The garbage cans? I’d complain to the park manager and let that individual deal with it. There ARE rules after all, right?

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  2. Ah, fantasy land. I’m sure you’re right about what to do, but because he has nothing decent to say about anyone and wants to move, I’m hoping to outlast him for moving him away from me. Whatever it is, I’ll learn to adjust. (And pray for Spring to come back so that he’s not dealing with that heavy outer door).


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