Still Absent


Things are getting better, however, I’m still in a very tired place emotionally.  A friend’s Mom died about 2 weeks ago, and she should have been under hospice care, however, denial is strong within that friend about the “survivability” of her Mom’s Stage IV Cancer.

I’ll be back when I’m in a better place.

Right now, I’m focused on self-care and getting work done on my house.

2 thoughts on “Still Absent

  1. We’ll be here. I don’t know if I’ll continue at the other place we usually connect, I might take someone’s advice and just disconnect the account for a while. But that’ll be after a family member’s wedding in December. Take care of you!! Some of us rely on common sense and wisdom, which appears to be in very short supply in the world just now and which you have a lot of!

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  2. Thanks. Do what you need to do to keep balanced, and energized. There’s a lot of craziness out there, and we choose whether or not to open the door to it. (((Hugs)))) to you, and I’m so glad you got Huny back.

    Focus on the family wedding and let the other drama fall by the wayside. We will get through this.


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