Daily Prompt: Argument


via Daily Prompt: Argument

I’ve been watching the endless, “my candidate’s better” arguments on facebook and in the news.

What’s amazing to me, though, is not the overt hostility and amount of arguing occurring, but the uniform lack of listening which is occurring by both sides of the aisle.

If no one is listening, is it even an argument?


As contrast to this situation, I’ve gotten my lawyer to FINALLY launch my appeal for disability matching salary benefits, on the day I was SUPPOSED to be terminated if I “didn’t bother” to show up at work.


If one has been granted long-term disability by the United States Federal Government, doesn’t that certify to most sentient beings that one is too ill to work their specific role, and not likely to ever return to work ?!???

While my lawyer has gotten my latest termination date pushed off until Halloween, does one think it will do any good to send a thousand-page legal ARGUMENT to people and institutions who haven’t even bothered to crack open the seals on the previous arguments sent in?


No answers here, but I can assure you that I find the give and take of actual, situational DEBATES more practical to engage in than the fruitless, empty silences which seem to be arguments.

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