COPD Patients in France

Cannot say often enough about what a fan I am of Russ’s efforts to inspire others to LIVE despite the challenges of their COPD diagnosis. Check out if you aren’t already a fan.

Here’s his latest chapter for participating in a bike tour through France. Amazing.


It’s been just over three weeks since I cycled with other COPD patients in Hyères in the south of France to raise awareness for this horrid disease. It was wonderful to see such inspiring individuals such as Daniel Cloix who completed the event whilst using his portable oxygen device. Daniel is a great example of a person who does not let his disease define him.

daniel-cloixArriving in Hyères

From the moment I arrived at the resort where we were all accommodated, I knew I was surrounded by some very special people and while there were some language barriers, we where able to communicate quite successfully. Gathering for dinner on the second night we were all inspired by the musical performance of Daniel Antoine whose skill on the keyboard was matched by his amazing voice. It was an emotional experience as Daniel has chronic lung disease and performs while using supplementary…

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