Was it something I said?


I know my wish to put an abstract painting on the walls in my mobile home is not sane to most people.  But, it’s already ugly as sin, and my viewpoint is that I couldn’t make it any worse.

The picture above shows the blending work in process, along with that still hideous carpeting that I’m waiting to have removed.

*** It’s not done, so no complaints yet ***

Last week’s lino guy (Tuesday) got pushed off until Thursday, at which point he walked off the job because it wasn’t his job.  (He doesn’t remove carpeting or move appliances, he ONLY does the lino work, and the scheduler goofed up in sending him out of sequence to my home).


I know paint spills are scary for perfectionists, but construction and rehab doesn’t have to be this frightening…

Maybe he doesn’t like my pinecone motif?


Whatever’s going on, I (thankfully) haven’t run out of funds yet, and I’m getting through all the work involved in getting one useable bathroom finished before moving in.

Fingers crossed that the new guys show up on Tuesday and do what they are supposed to do…  I can’t move in until the flooring is done, and I just posted my moving date to the landlord to ensure I don’t run out of funds before I get out of here.  Scary to be so close to the wire, but I just have to remain confident that I can get it done, despite the challenges.

Did I ever tell you how much I hate doing any kind of rehab / construction work and relying on others to do what they are supposed to be doing???  Yeah, not a happy camper, but I *will* get through this.

3 thoughts on “Was it something I said?

  1. Your abstract motif (reminiscent of Monet) is wonderful! And bold! My house has to make do with bland walls of a color called “desert fawn” (what the hell is a desert fawn?) .. and I think your new home looks so much airier and lighter (and larger) than it did when you acquired it. I’m gonna post a couple of Monet pictures on a blog piece since this venue doesn’t allow attachments to underscore my point. That floor guy (company) sounds like a buncha idiots and maybe you dodged a bullet by having the one idiot walk out on you. I’d be concerned if I were working with a company so disorganized as that..but I realize the constraints you’re working under too… Best wishes for better times ahead!

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  2. Thanks. They were recommended by the park manager, and at this point, I’m in for the duration with the flooring people. I just hope that they move their butts.

    This week I have the roofer and the fan guy coming, so I’m hoping to have a lot more progress made before the week is done.

    As for “Desert Fawn” – I would have said a lovely pottery bisque rusty color, but that whole “desert” aspect makes me think more of a military green / khaki. What would you call the shade they used?


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