Hazard to myself…


Dealing with COPD, I have a hard time knowing when to quit.  Or to rest.

Could be a side effect of being told “sit” for most of my childhood.  Or, it could be a side effect of my ADHD, which the breathing medicines aggravate.

I just know that I won’t be going gently into that good night any time soon…

In this weeks’ adventure, the lawyer’s admin sent me a reworking of my original declaration (7 pages), and added things in there that aren’t true.  *** I don’t break bones easily *** and which stretched things beyond the bounds of credulity.

So, I re-wrote my declaration (now 11 obnoxious pages long), and added in a whole bunch of things about how my wish to keep pushing myself causes most of my injuries.  But, I’m hoping it gives a more complete picture of someone who doesn’t sit on her butt and whine, but actually gets out and does things while trying to enjoy every moment of living despite the challenges involved.

And, which declaration chides my employer for failing to live up to their promises to me.

I’ve touched on traveling, stem cell treatments planned for 2018, if the NIH studies to be completed in 2017 live up to their potential, along with whining about my home purchase and other “forced” choices being made due to lack of promised benefits.

Yes, it’s way too long.

But, I got it off my chest, and now we’ll see how the lawyer’s team edits it (or yells at me again), as we work to get this appeal done before the end of September.

As I’m spending all my money rehabbing this unit, we’ll see what happens if they move forward with their plans to terminate my employment, despite my disability status, as of October 7th.  If nothing else, I’ll get control of my 401K to ensure that I’m not freaking out trying to complete the minimal rehab that I’m doing.  And, I’ll use some of the funds to finish paying for my trip to the UK next year, while also keeping $15k aside for stem cell treatment, if approved.

I don’t need a ton of money, but I’m not walking away from demanding that they pay me what was promised to me when I was employed and became fully disabled – partially due, I feel, to their crazy demands on my waking / sleeping hours.

Only time will tell what will be.  For now, I’ve done my part to keep the lawyer off my back and be responsive to his expectations.

2 thoughts on “Hazard to myself…

  1. I can’t wait until it’s done so that we can see if the vision matches the finished product. My Mom was another original (black and white checked wallpaper, with yellow-centered daisies, and black accents. Can I tell you I come from my painting genes honestly?

    Mom also made me a lovely pine cone pushed-tin (paper lampshade cutout shadow style) lamp before PG&E blew up my home, and banded the crisp white shade with a lovely blue velvet and silver sparkly ribbon border. I guess the pine cone theme is a nod to Betty’s perseverance, and my unwillingness to give up, too. She set an incredible example, so I know I will get through this.

    Thanks for your very kind thoughts, though. I loved the Monet you posted in your blog, and only hope my vision comes out half as well…


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