Lawyers = Confusion


They only talk to you when THEY want something, even when they are supposed to be handling your case.  You know – like a “team”.  However, despite my repeated requests to monitor the deadline and get my appeal submitted in September, they appear to be waiting until the deadline, October 7th, and getting on my last nerve.  (Yes, I’m sure that subconscious stress is one of the sources of the rashes and hives I’ve been dealing with on my hipbones).

Possessing myself of patience (never my strong suit), I’m trying to do what I can to stay afloat financially, while also finishing the house prep and moving prior to October 31st.

Into all of that comes an email from the lawyer, with lots and lots of attachments from my employer, the upshot of which reads something like this:

Employer:  “Hey, you got LTD benefits back in July – congratulations.”

Employer:  “Hey, you got paid by mistake – pay up what you owe us (for our error).”

Employer:  “Hey, we’re going to terminate you, since you’re not at work.  You must report by October 7th or you’ll be terminated.”

Employer:  “Hey, don’t be frightened by our termination package, it’s part of your benefits.  We’ll offer you a really nice severance deal.  And, if you ever want to return to work, we’ll be happy to consider your application.”

Lawyer:  “Don’t worry.  We’ll handle your appeal.  You got anything you want to say?”

Seriously???!!!  I knew when I wrote something like, Still I rise, there was a strormfront coming in.  My ESP is crazy accurate like that.

So, I wrote a 2-page email to the lawyer with challenges and examples, and we’ll see how long it takes the new guy to yell at me for being “too well” or appearing “too competent” to write an epistle of that length.  Never mind addressing any of the actual issues that I’m busy raising.  (Sigh).  I’m not mentally challenged, most of the time, so long as I’m rested and my oxygen is up, and I resent being treated as if I’m more disabled than I am.

Don’t get me wrong.  I do want to work.  Everyone is healthier with a purpose in life, and I miss the challenges of working even though I’m not sure I’m up to the crazy hours I used to work and the related cerebral challenges of dealing with too much work and too much stress with too little sleep and oxygen deprivation.


I know exacerbations are triggered by stress, and that’s before remembering that this is a tough time of year when congestion is easily triggered by the seasonal (and predictable) changes in weather.

The one good note?  If I get fired, I’ll get the remaining balance of my 401K and the UK trip will be fully paid for, LOL.  I won’t sweat about running out of money before the rest of the repairs are made to my mobile home, too.

And, I’ll be able to get moved, see how my health is doing over the Winter as my schedule stabilizes, and then approach the SSDI folks about finding a way to get back to work without jeopardizing the benefits that I do have coming to me at present.

It’s nice to see this coming to a head, even if it’s unclear what the results will be and what games may be played next.  I just wish they could have waited until next week to send this email (but no, it has to be a 30-day notice for my pending termination date of October 7th).

I know other folks have it much worse.  I just so didn’t need this in my life right now.

Otherwise, I’m fine.  It’s all good, and I’ll get through this, too.


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