He’s “Kind of a Big Deal”.


I’m finding it very challenging to find someone to deal with my windows / doors in the mobile home.

Don’t get me wrong, my father was a Master Carpenter / Cabinetmaker, so I know arrogance when I see it, I know functional drunks when I see them, and I know talented a**holes when I see them.  No big whup, if you get the job done and you do what you’ll say you do.

Twice now, though, I’ve run into guys who think that they are kind of a big deal, and don’t deliver on their promises.

First – Went to a window / door shop, looked at the products, confirmed that they worked on mobile homes, and got the salesperson, who shall remain nameless, to come out to measure and do a quote.  He wanted to upgrade me to triple pane, vs. what I wanted (dual pane aluminum windows vs. vinyl, triple pane windows).

He came, he took measurements, I again stressed that the sun damage was an issue, and I wanted dual pane, metal windows vs. the more “fashionable” (and expensive) triple pane vinyl ones.

The house was its normal chaos of rehab efforts, he was pushing for the vinyl, so I told him to quote me both products, and I’d decide if the tax rebate was worth it.

Poof !  Gone in a flash, never to be heard from again, despite two calls and a request for an email of the quote.

Clearly, he doesn’t want the job unless I pay more money for the quick-to-fail products, or he’d get back to me.

However, that being said, it would have been nice to hear that from him, directly, versus having to infer it through his lack of response.

Second – since I can’t get the windows replaced, I’ve also been trying to get the screens replaced, and deal with the damaged trim as time has passed and no quote was provided by guy # 1.

Met with this other guy on Tuesday, at my home, he gave me the functional drunk fast-sale quote, and I signed up with him because I need this stuff done before storm season, and no one else is interested in the job.  After we signed the deal and I got my quote and warranty written on the contract, he then changed the materials from metal screening to fiberglass.  Oh, and he changed the trim from mitered to squared off.  Whatever, I just need the work done.  But, I do see you trying to rip me off by changing the materials.

He said it would be a week or two until he could get to the job, and then called me back later that same day, having farmed out the work, and wanting his guy to start right then.

Ok, that was 10am in the morning, and his guy should have been there about noonish.

I was clear that I wanted to be on-site for the window repairs, and that I wanted to meet the person doing the work.  The 2nd guy wasn’t happy with this, pushed back at bit.  But, I told him that my week was packed, and was happy with the original quote of a week or two to wait to get the work done.

1:30pm, still no worker onsite, and I’m having to go on to a second meeting, elsewhere.

Text the guy to say that I have to leave, where’s his worker, and he tries to tell me the guy is at my home at that moment.  Seriously?  Dude, c’mon !  I’m standing right there and no guy is standing next to me.

So, we go back and forth, and we determine that we’ll reschedule for another day.  A day to be determined.

Later that night, he texts me at 7:30pm (not call, but text, which is always stealthy), and says that his guy will be there on Wednesday to do the job.  Afternoon?  Has to be afternoon, as I have appointments in the morning.  “No.  You don’t need to be there.”  Ah, yes, I do.  I’m a control freak that way.

So, we go back and forth since his voicemail is full, and he says he’ll get back to me to do my windows another day.  Fine, please just let me know in advance as my days are packed, and I want to be there.  (I’m again thinking it will be a day or two before he lines up the job, and that the guy will be there in a week or two).

Last night, again after 7:30, I get a stealth text telling me the guy will be there tomorrow.  You know, Friday, but in the afternoon.  Called him, and explained that less than 24 hours notice was not enough, and I’d now already made plans for Friday afternoon.  Most work starts in the morning, which I could have supported, but…  How about the original plan of a week or two out so that I can be sure to be there?

Well, he’d had enough beer (or something) because he tells me I’m too difficult to work with, and he’s tearing up my contract.

Fine.  Have a party, oh prince of the contractors.


I may not have things going along as quickly as I want them to proceed, but I don’t think arranging a date WITH me, BEFORE scheduling someone, is too much to ask.

So, now we’ll see if he tries to cash my deposit check, or tears that up, too.

I told you that I didn’t want to be a homeowner and have to deal with construction b.s.

I have way too much baggage around this issue, and just want it all to go smoothly and be behind me.  Is that too much to ask?


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