Hospice Transitions.


As part of the 1,001 things that I need to accomplish, talking to hospice was high on my list as I need to figure out what happens next.

The conversation was quite entertaining in retrospect.

“So, you have 26% lung capacity and you’re on disability with COPD?”


“But, you’re not on oxygen and you still do everything yourself.”


“I’m sorry, you sound like exactly what we’re trying to accomplish for our “Transitions” outreach program, prior to going on hospice care, but you’re not sick enough.  I either need you to be on oxygen, or unable to handle the chores of your daily care.  I mean, you still drive.”

Clearly, my ability to be even remotely independent confirms that I’m not sick.

Who knew ?

So, I’m now going with Plan B and scheduling attendance  at an estate planning event (a freebie) by the same lawyers that I worked with to help me manage Aunt J’s needs when she moved here from FL.

Should be another interesting conversation, as I don’t have any real assets to speak of for them to handle.

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