Tired. Lollygagging.

Pooped - day 1 summary

Not a lot of energy today, but I’m happy to confirm that I slept like a rock last night.  Planning the sea salt treatment for the end of the day, when I was feeling like crap after only 4 hours of so-so effort was a great idea.

Today,  I can see letters and whole words missing from the things I’ve replied to or posted on facebook, so while I can pass for normal, it’s going to be a very light day as I’m not on top of my game and don’t want to push it.  (And, thank heavens for the “edit” button so that I can go back and fix my mistakes in a few hours, once I’m able to actually see them).

Being short of oxygen makes it challenging to explain why one can do so much, and yet not be firing on all cylinders.  In my case, the fastest thing to give me away is that the stuttering increases (it was trained out of me in childhood, but always comes back in times of stress or exhaustion), or I lose the ability to care / form complete thoughts because I’m just so tired.

Clearly, if the insurance company saw my efforts yesterday, they would happily brand me a “faker” and continue to deny me my benefits.  Since they are denying them anyway, and the doctor agrees that I am ok to keep pushing myself (and should push myself as much as seems reasonable and safe to do), that’s what I choose to do.

Got an hours nap in the parking lot of the pizza place before going in to get lunch and then head to the salt treatment spa.  As long as I’m not too proud to sleep in the car (and can find a shady place to recoup and recover), it’s all good for passing for normal despite the challenges.

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