Brain Fog


The graphic for this blog was posted by a friend from the COPD website.  While I laughed, it also highlighted an issue that I’m fighting – brain fog.

A great example of brain fog came from today’s errands.

Woke up with a congested and bloody throat, and couldn’t get it clear.  Tried the Aerobika exerciser, etc., but the sore throat was persistent.  Rather than schedule more errands on a home that I’m not sure I’m going to be allowed to buy (if the deal doesn’t go through, I’m not going to be allowed to buy a unit in the park, I fear.  2 failed tries means that I’m out of options) I decided to deal with my headache / breathing issues by going for a salt inhalation treatment (“Halotherapy”).

However, regardless of how carefully I chose the time and scheduled the appointment;

Regardless of the fact that I arrived on time for the appointment;

Once I was there, I spaced out over what time it was.

Seriously, I set my alarm clock to alert me that my appointment ended at 1:45pm, when the appointment didn’t even start until 2pm, and should have ended at 2:45.

To make matters worse, I looked at the watch on my wrist, certain that something was wrong, but could only see that the watchface said 2pm (instead of 1pm, which my brain was insisting was the actual time of day), SO I RESET THE DANGED WATCH ! ! !

While I can still tell, eventually, when brain fog is setting in and driving me crazy (usually after the fact, as in, “humph… my alarm didn’t ring at the end of the appointment”), I worry that things are getting worse with me.

If I’m unable to tell when I’m missing things, will I even be aware???

Kind of scary, but it is what it is right now.  Some days are better than others, but brain fog days are challenging.


5 thoughts on “Brain Fog

  1. I really like that flashlight feature. Saved my bacon when I got back from vacation and couldn’t find the garage door opener (it was on the seat next to me, but blended in with the seat cover magnificently. Chameleons got nothing on that trick!) Talk about a brain fog!! I had to go around the back of my home and use the door key to get in. And walking in the dark up in here isn’t a good idea, there are skunks and snakes, just to name two of the wildlife that like the night and come out when humans are asleep.. I’m sending positive vibes that your house will become your home and that horrible woman will FOAD (ask Mike for an explanation of THAT acronym! ) And that you will feel better presently. I’m sorry for the trouble all the same!

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      1. Ha ! Well, I don’t recognize the name (beyond it belonging to a brother and a cousin’s son), so I’m clueless. So, what did FOAD stand for? You know I’m curious, LOL


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