Drama and Anxiety

Customer Service Agent

Yet another day of anxiety, dealing with drama and trying to make sense of incomprehensible “requirements” necessary to turn my hoped-to-be-home into my actual “home”.

I have been jumping through hoops to pull this deal together, and it’s so frustrating to me that the most innovative companies in the world (supposedly), when it comes to dealing with one’s finances, still do everything by fax and hardcopy.

I faxed them in a copy of my final paperwork on Tuesday, 02-AUG-16, knowing that we were trying to close by today, Friday, 05-AUG-16.  Also knowing that my 401K hardship withdrawal would be automatically closed / cancelled and I’d have to re-apply if I missed that now-arbitrary “loan application process” date of 12-AUG-16.

Today, not having heard anything further from them since Tuesday (even though their portal updated with a note to confirm that they’d matched up my fax to my application), I chased them down.  Apparently, they have 1-3 days to make a decision (fine), but having made the decision, they have no impetus to update me as to what the decision may be.

Today’s decision was “DENIED”.  Apparently, I failed mind-reading 101 in terms of which paperwork they needed, and instead of calling me, they just sat on it.  All while the clock is ticking down to the 12th of August – next Friday.

Also, because the paperwork I sent them had today’s date on it for “settlement” of escrow, it was also “DENIED” because today is actually in the past.  Clear as mud, right?

So, another $50-odd in faxing, copying and overnight charges, and I’m chasing the clock again on Monday to see if they will have what they need to complete my loan approval, or if I need to re-apply for my loan because we’ve missed the date (again), and need to start the loan application all over again because the 12th really is in “the past” as of the 10th.  Since they need time to actually issue the payment, and won’t do so if there isn’t at least one day before the payment is issued and the target due date.

Needless to say, I turned into a screaming maniac on the phone.  Again. I really don’t like myself out of control and angry, but as I’m going through this nightmare of a bureaucratic process, I’m finding that’s more like my status quo.  Frightening if that’s going to be my new normal…

Screaming woman on phone 02

I’m watching my savings disappear at an alarming rate, as I pay for this thing and that thing, and I don’t like it at all.

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