Daily Prompt: Stubborn

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via Daily Prompt: Stubborn

I normally try and keep it clean, using symbols in place of curse words.  Today isn’t one of those days.  In fact, this week hasn’t been conducive for it being one of those days.

Despite COPD making me suffer brain fog, and general exhaustion, I’m determined to purchase a mobile home so that I can afford to live in the area where I choose.  I don’t want to forego friends and routines by moving 2-3 hours away to live in Merced or Turlock, and I’m stuck dealing with a psycho Seller because I’m so stubborn.

Yes, I could cancel yet another deal, and go my merry way, awaiting the perfect mobile home to purchase.  But, I live in reality, and the pricing has gone up over $100k in the period of a year for units in that park, so my attitude is showing its horns as I try and close this deal despite all the drawbacks.

Yesterday’s drama?  The Seller is trying to stick me with yet another of her bills, a value of $750-ish, when I agreed to only pay $650 – and only for the month of August.  The bill she’s submitted is for the month of June.  June!  Seriously.

Hacienda blocked info

There’s not a lot that will make me pull in my horns once I make up my mind to be stubborn, and I’m afraid that this is going to be one of “those” fights.

While the money-grubbing Seller might have an argument for me to pay for the July / August period (it’s a stretch, but I’m willing to listen), there is NO WAY that I’m going to pay for two months of space fees when I agreed to only a single month, and when I can’t even hope to have the unit in “livable” shape via cleaning / painting / floor replacement, etc., until September at the earliest.

Just not gonna happen.  Yes, I’m stubborn like that.

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