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via Daily Prompt: Muse

Not sure what’s going on between my ears, but I’m in love with the thought of getting my own mobile home and painting it in colors resembling the ideas shown in Las Vegas.

No, not flashing lights, but the Sunset or lightening enhanced ceiling colors, and blue water, sponge-effect ocean water colors.  More abstract art than factual (as in, I don’t want specific animals or flowers on my walls, I just want the “gist” of water and sunset as a way to keep me upbeat when my world is otherwise squeezed into a tiny home.

Outdoor Murals inside

No, this crazy muse won’t be to everybody’s taste, but she’s prodding me to consider decorating my home like it was a stage set in, “My Fair Lady” (upper right), or, a bedroom in “Hook” (lower left), or something truly magical like the Rainforest Cafe Ceiling (with lighting effects included).

While I’m still working on closing the deal for my home, thoughts of paintings are running through my imagination.

My Muse is one crazy bit of inspiration this week…

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Muse

  1. That’s the beauty of owning your own. You can do anything to it that suits you, no asking permission or worrying about having a deposit revoked because your style is different from what a landlord might find appropriate. You were stressing in a previous blog about the increasing costs and hassles of home/property ownership, well THIS is your reward for the work. Well to ME who likes to put holes in the walls and hang whatever the hell I please. Paint my walls in chartreuse if it suits me (it doesn’t, just to be clear…but mauve is an option). Put down whatever flooring or carpet suits my taste. Plant what I want to without worrying about somebody telling me I “can’t” have it. The upside to this whole horrible stressful business is freedom. You’ll see. And I think your ideas are fabulous, just in case you wondered!

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  2. I like your attitude, but the upside to plain white is a whole lot of work, LOL.

    And, no, the house still isn’t mine. She has yet to finish getting all the stuff out, and I now have an email stating that the window won’t be replaced (it was smashed) until Monday or Tuesday, while she’s away on vacation. Color me surprised… NOT !


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