Fear of Reality

Color Pallets

Or, should I call it “fear of adulting”?

Just about ready to sign on the dotted line for the 40-year-old mobile home, with all of its related costs and rehab expenses, and I’m stuck in a color wheel of fear about making the wrong choice for colors, and ending up in a money pit.

I’m also laughing at myself for channeling my Mom, Betty, as every color I’m thinking about choosing is suddenly an “in” color according to the design experts.  Ha !  Betty would be amused to see that I’m following her style choices for being cutting edge.

Meanwhile, I fear I’ll be in a money pit for all the other costs, of course, but the most necessary choice is to scrub everything down, and then paint.  For cleanliness sake, if nothing else.

Everything will get a 100% wash of white, and from there I’ll then decide how much color to add with a sponge technique, in stages, providing that I’m tall enough to actually reach the ceiling while on the step ladder.

I’m thinking this might work for the overall theme of the home (after sorting through the colors above):

Color Pallets - Mobile Home Choices

While it may sound crazy to have a “sunset” colored ceiling, I’m thinking that I want to add the most color there to make the room look bigger (they are 8 foot high ceilings, if I’m recalling things correctly), while still leaving the rooms themselves mostly white with a beach-themey color scheme to make me feel like it’s Spring / Summer when I’m trapped indoors all Winter, depending on my health.

The Office (the rear bedroom) will be done in shades of pale Pink, Yellow, Black and Chartreuse, since I have a pink cherry blossom wall art appliqué tree that I’d like to try to install in that room.  I’d really like to try a leafy green color pattern as an impressionist style on the corner of the ceiling / going down the wall to carry through the wall art tree theme for the pink blossom appliqué, but it’s really too soon to tell if I have enough energy (and talent) to carry through my thoughts into real life.

I have two bathrooms, done in 1976’s glorious harvest gold for the tubs and related fixtures, so I need a way to warm up the space without making it all girly and Barbie pink.  The bowl of fruit colors show what I may end up shooting for, which will help to put more pink / coral warmth in the two bathrooms and link back to what’s in the cherry blossom colored office space.

Most of my time will be spent in the combined living room / kitchen, and I’m toying with the idea of making the ceiling have a bit of sunset warmth in pinks / purples without going to a dark ceiling.  (I’m moving to tarantula country, so must be able to SEE any spiders in the home, which a dark ceiling negates).  Other than painting everything white to start, and picking out a neutral putty / white / grey for the floors (a great beach color), I’m still on the fence for how to bring the feeling of the ocean indoors through the color scheme.

Not a big fan of kitschy “themed” knickknacks, so it will be the color alone that implies beachy theme once it’s all done.

As for my bedroom, I’m again having to replace the front and rear windows due to Sun, Water and Termite damage.  While I’m playing with having a gated french door installed at both ends (faux balcony, so that I don’t have to install a deck), I’m thinking that the french doors will help with air flow if it’s cool enough to have the A/C off, yet not so cold that the doors need to be closed.  Both bedrooms also have side windows, so the doors could remain closed all the time, for privacy, and I could still have air in each room if I chose to open the side windows.  It could also be a safety exit for both rooms should there ever be a fire.  Mobile homes can burn to the ground in 17 minutes, tops, so moving into a unit with gas utilities is really vexing me.

Yes, this is really how my mind works.  It goes in circles from fear to anticipation to disaster preparedness to finances.  It will all work out, but I’m getting stressed just thinking of it all.

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