Self-pitying B.S. part II

(Yes, I digress, LOL).  If you didn’t read the first part of this blog for perspective, I recommend that you do it now.  Go ahead.  We’ll wait:

Self-pitying b.s.

The reason that I tell you all of what I did in the first blog is that I’m now going to tell you a sad story about entitlement and my calling bullshit on a friend when she’s talking in circles.

I met this friend through her sister, my very good friend and bowling partner, and while I try to be kind, I also find myself caught between the two sisters on occasion (and I never want one person’s friendship with me tested due to my friendship with the other – sibling issues are never easy !).

Here’s our morning’s circular conversation verbatim (although the names have been changed to hide who I’m talking to):

Carolyn 01 24JUL16

Carolyn 02 24JUL16

Carolyn 03 24JUN16

Carolyn 04 - 24JUL16

(See, this is where I become “hard hearted Hannah” because I just don’t understand how someone can wallow in being unhappy and yet not do a practical thing in order to help get themselves out of the situation that’s making them miserable).

Carolyn 06 24JUL16

carolyn 07 24JUL16

(I’ve been told that I don’t play well with others.  In fact, that I don’t know how to “play” at all.  Well, when it comes to impractical thinking with real-world consequences, they are right.  I just don’t “play” on the important stuff.  Oh, and my spelling / grammar suffer when I’m in conversational mode – please ignore the typos).

Carolyn 08 24-JUL-16


Carolyn 09 24JUL16

Carolyn 10 24JUL16

Carolyn 11 24JUL16

Carolyn 12 24JUL16

Carolyn 13 24JUL16

Carolyn 14 24JUL16

So, this is where we left the conversation over 2 hours ago, and I still sit here wondering at what I did wrong with regard to her pity party, and hoping that I did something right in terms of tough love to help snap her out of it.  I have hoped that I have been fair but honest.  Kind even, without justifying her pity party and continued poor decisions.

No answers here.  I just know that I can’t allow myself to be sucked into the spiral of someone else’s craziness.  It’s truly a contagion that I don’t want to deal with as I cannot afford the cost.

Grow up princess

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