(my future home – LOL – this is an image from the ant invasion movie, “THEM”)

I am having a really difficult problem getting my body to accept what my brain says is best for us.  As an example, I am sitting here blogging (trying to release my stress) when I should be completing paperwork for my 401K loan, as well as the mortgage proof of eligibility paperwork, too.

My neck and shoulders hurt.  My eyes are tired.  I need a nap. You know – the usual when dealing with COPD and it’s related complications for day to day living.

Earlier this week, I got up my courage and got the Seller to agree to handle the tent-style fumigation (something I’m deathly afraid of happening after I’m the owner, as I’ve already been through two (2) previous gas leaks with tent-style fumigations causing explosions, and I’ll have to live with natural gas in the unit until I can replace the home – presuming I live long enough to win my lawsuit against my former employer).

History_Calls_Explosion   chi-3-injured-in-apparent-gas-explosion-in-pil-001

So, the Seller’s picking up about $1,500 of unexpected costs due to termites, and she’s also handling the park inspection prior to the sale (phew!).  There’s still a lot that needs to be improved with this home, but the paperwork is killing me for procrastination on getting it done.

I know I can do it, I just need to step away from this keyboard and actually get the work done.

Then, my little money pit will be mine – all mine.  And, maybe – just maybe – my body aches and pains will ease so that I’ll stop punishing myself for something that I know is the best thing for me to do…

Is it any wonder I’m stressed out?

Must run.  Apparently, I’m not following instructions to worship at the feet of the Goddess.  Katie just killed her battery operated squeaky mouse by dumping it into her water dish to get my attention.  Don’t need a fire in THIS unit before I move out – time to trash the mouse.


2 thoughts on “Stressed

  1. WOOO HOOOO! You did get the property!! I’m so happy for you!! I too should be out doing things and I’m sitting here reading and futzing around instead. I do believe you’ll feel some better when you’re out of that rental and into your own space. It’s sort of a relief to own a piece of property and have no rules except what you impose for yourself (and obviously in conjunction with the park or trailer space). Good wishes for a better day and lots of accomplishments! 😀

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  2. Nah, I know how I am. I’ll get comfortable and it will be harder to go to the nursing home / hospice when the time comes. Owning my own place was never on my agenda, and I wouldn’t be doing it now if it weren’t for the failure of my employer to pay the benefits I’ve paid into, and the $2,000 a month reduction in income that just hit in June.

    If my anticipated end of life is 3-5 years from now, depending on the next case of pneumonia or Winter congestion, it seems like a great deal of work to go through before having to move again.

    I know there’s no date stamp on my foot guaranteeing when I will pass, but given what I noticed for my Mom, the long side of the situation is maybe 10 years out. 25% lung capacity with it steadily declining over the last couple of years doesn’t give me a lot of time. I’m hopeful that the stem cell treatment may work and change things (which is why I’m willing to buy the house), but for now, I’m still living as if 3-5 years will be my most likely reality.

    I will say, though, that I am choosing some amazingly decadent / tacky color schemes for decorating my home. I’m thinking of painting the ceilings sky blue with clouds, and then adding some glow in the dark paint for overnight contrast of a galaxy of stars, if I can pull it off artistically.

    I’m also thinking about a seascape-like color scheme on top of the basic white (for cleanliness) painting of the entire unit. I saw somebody do glitter paint on their walls (way too much for me), and I’m thinking that a fine coat of glitter (as it sunlight glinting on waves) may be part of the finished color scheme, LOL. Way too soon to see what will be done, but you know it will all be posted to fb at some point. Yes, I’m that tacky.

    Have a good ay, and thanks for dropping by. It’s now 10am, so we’ll see if I can get my breakfast and meds in, and then begin that paperwork with the goal of getting it in the mail for overnight delivery tomorrow.


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