Pushed too far

Happy Bastille Day !

(I’ll wait while you read all about the French Revolution, and the peasants revolting against the ruling party by letting the prisoners out of jail – the Bastille).  Yes, it’s going to be one of “those” posts.

Pushed too far

Today’s rant (because you knew there would be one) is about my money-grubbing landlord.  Still hoping to make it out of here before the annual “inspection”.  I say inspection with quotes, because every time he shows up, he does damage.

Damage that I have to spend time fixing, because he also doesn’t believe in treating others with respect, or in fixing the damage he causes, never mind providing actual maintenance of our apartment community.

Today’s griping session involves trash bins and rent increases.

Our landlord just increased our rent by $140 per household per month, or an increase of $2,500 per month, and approximately $30,000 per year of new profit.  Wouldn’t you like to be able to give yourself a $30k raise every year?  It’s like dealing with politicians, it’s so predictable.

I’ve lived here 4 years – this is my 3rd increase (as it happens ever year).  No way can you convince me that the landlord has seen his expenses go up by $90k in 3 years.  No way.

So, the landlord’s rent increase, combined with his downsizing of the dumpsters (again) when we’re already recycling almost everything that’s not nailed down, is pushing me over the edge.  And that’s before one considers that I’m dealing with the normal recycling / salvation army / goodwill / trash decisions that go along with paring back as part of moving.

So, I sent an anonymous email (with a newly created account) to City code enforcement in the hope that I don’t get kicked out before I close escrow, and to try and ensure that I leave this place better than I found it.  Not much better, but somewhat.  To recap:

We have 18 apartment units. We have 1 dumpster.  It used to be a 3 yard unit.  Then it was downsized to a 2-yard unit.

Dumpster Sizing

Assuming (based on my own efforts to recycle) that the average household generates between 1-2 13-gallon bags of trash per week (average of 24 gallons total), x 18 households, we have a collective garbage capacity need of approximately 432 gallons of refuse per week.

We also generate an average of two (2) 13-gallon bags per week in reycling, so we’re already doing everything we can to be good citizens and avoid the landfill.  Six (6) recycling units = approximately 300 gallons of capacity.

Keep that number in mind – 300 gallons of recycling capacity is already fully used, and involves six (6) 50-gallon blue recycling bins.

Thereafter, if we use the national standard of 3 pounds of garbage per day, x 7 days, you can see that the average person generates 21 pounds of garbage per week (vs. gallons or vs. households).  If you calculate that 3 pounds as if it were gallons (because there’s no way to deal with density on a 1:1 ratio for gallons vs. pounds with something as complex as garbage, which comes in all shapes and sizes), that would equal 378 gallons per week for the complex.

With the selection of three (3) 50-gallon containers for 18 apartment households, we have a total capacity of 150 gallons.  It’s just not going to work to support our trash needs.

Garbage Bins

While I will have one of each for my own home once I move:

(1) recycling

(1) compost

(1) garbage

This downsizing of garbage bins to save money by my current landlord is crazy.  Especially when he just gave us a rent increase.  So, I’ll contacted code enforcement (anonymously), and we’ll see if that gives us any relief.

It’s the picky little crap that drives us the craziest.

Yes, I’m being chickensh*t in doing this anonymously, but it’s better than doing nothing. I hope.

2 thoughts on “Pushed too far

  1. You’re right to do it on the sly. You don’t want that idiot coming after you for it and that sort of rat bites when it’s cornered I’m betting. So is the news positive (closing escrow) on your new home?? I hope! And (because I’m nosy) did you pay a security deposit on that place when you moved in? Which, in revenge, he might hold back for some non-existent issue? I don’t know the laws in California, but in Utah (at least when I used to rent – some 100 yrs + ago (stopped renting in 1991 and never regretted it) in Utah if you had to fix some problem with the rental unit, the landlord was liable for the cost. Whether you took it out of subsequent rent checks or if the landlord paid upfront to have the problem dealt with. In my last rental house my father and I patched the roof in exchange for my free rental for a month (cheap as the rent at that time was $250 without utilities). My landlord was a cheap bastard (slum lord was too good a title for the likes of him) and tried to do a lot of stuff himself and it was half assed as a result. I was without plumbing for better than two days when the sewer line went south as he wouldn’t hire someone to fix the problem, but insisted on doing it himself. I’m so very glad you’re getting out of there. A lot less stress will be the least of the benefits!

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  2. I don’t know about a lot less stress – just “different” stress, as I’m afraid of being a home owner. But, that’s a topic for another day.

    Yes, the landlord is holding about $1,350 in security deposit.

    We don’t have an escrow date yet, but I’m pushing for it to be sometime in August (the Seller wants it to be by 7/31) and I compromised by offering to pay the space lease for August if Escrow isn’t done by the 1st.

    Ideally, I could take the crappy landlord to court to get my money back, however, California is really on the side of the landlord in most cases, as I learned after I was flooded out of an apartment due to the landlord’s negligence – and the court sided with him when I moved out after 7 days – stating that I should have given him 30 to make it habitable) so I’m just happy to get out of here without an additional bill. I, too, have had to do my own repairs (and bought a new fridge plus paid for a plumber when the hot water heater went out, etc., etc., etc.).

    I have pictures that I took when I moved in (the place was filthy, unpainted, with the former tenant’s crap left behind – I was very frustrated at the failure to keep his word. His manager’s response, “If you don’t like it, move”. Arghhh! I was moving in – I wasn’t about to cancel the deal, lose my deposit money and start again. All crazy making, no matter how one looks at it.

    This guy (the son of the former husband (no longer an owner) and the Aunt and her brothers – his Uncle) runs the place for the family cooperative, and he’s worse than his aggravating Dad for being a slum lord. Can’t wait to get out.


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