Grasping at straws


I don’t know why society as a whole seems to lose its mind in the Summer.  Bad things happen all year round, but when I see evil and unkindness at their worst, it’s usually on a beautiful day in Summer.  A day when you would think that there is nothing wrong in the world, and then the news media brings you down.

Trying to get away from the horror of real life can be very difficult for most of us.  We have real experiences with violence or illness in our past or present, and we have real worries that so easily sidetrack us and steal our joy.

But, when we hear the rhetoric start about wrongs done to others, and how nothing changes, we lose perspective.  No matter how resilient we may be, we lose perspective because the NOW is in our face, bringing us down.

I don’t believe we were meant to live in anger or fear, hatred or pain.  I truly feel we were meant to find a way to live in peace and joy, regardless of how infantile and fantasy-like that may seem.

I’ll watch 5,001 things to distract myself while trying to keep mobile and pack two boxes a day (my promise to myself to accomplish this upcoming move), and so far today, I’ve been out to lunch with a former boss (lovely woman, who at 80 is afraid that she’s losing her sharpness – I’ve not got any answers for her, either).  Coming home, I was drained and needed a nap.

3 hours later, I’m up and trying again, but now it’s too hot.  I am still sapped for energy, and I need something to get my attention without distracting me from my assigned task.  Let me assure you, the documentation, “Tabloid – the Joyce McKinney Story” was not the film to pick as a lightweight distraction.

Tabloid - Joyce McKinney         Joyce McKinney

Outlandish?  Yes.

Entertaining?  Yes, in a Jerry Springer kind of “can’t-look-away-from-the-crash” kind of way.

Worthwhile waste of my time?  Nope.

Her narcissistic insanity brought me right back to where I started.  This world is all crazy.  We’ve given the crazies the keys to the lunatic bin, and we need to look elsewhere for asylum for ourselves.  I needed a nap more than ever, after sitting through lunch and listening to this woman’s self-serving, horrific chain of events of what she did to someone else.  A true narcissist, for not understanding that anyone could make choices that she didn’t agree with, and which didn’t allow her to control their lives.  Sad.

So, still grasping at straws, I looked for a comedy to help distract me as I tried to be productive and get things done.  I could have watched the Beatles’ “HARD DAYS NIGHT” musical once again, but hopefully I would find something new to make me laugh with them vs. at them.  Distraction, but, in a good way.

Trevor Noah’s, “You Laugh” shows us the true absurdity of life.  And I didn’t feel dirty after learning his story of survival and coping.  At the end of the day, life is what it is, and how we choose to make it work for us is the only thing we have going in our own favor.

Again, I couldn’t look away, but in a good way.  I was grasping at straws to find happiness, and Trevor delivered.  He reminded me that life makes no sense at all.  That I’m relatively safe.  Relatively sane.  Well-fed and sheltered, and that everything will be ok.  I just have to not allow it to harsh my mellow and bring me down.

Easier said than done some days compared to others, but I’m grateful for his gift of sanity and laughter.  I think I found a few more straws, and can now hold on for a little while longer.

Trevor Noah You Laugh

5 thoughts on “Grasping at straws

  1. I remember that case of the missionary raped by that woman. I remember my friends and I snickering about it (we were 17 and the idea of a man being raped was fodder for a lot of blue humor)…until an acquaintance of mine (a girl) was raped coming home from church one night. Then we stopped laughing about rape at all. BUT. Had I known you were grasping for a straw of distraction, Tabloid is one movie I would have directed you AWAY from. It deals with insanity and that’s rarely funny. I, like you, look for distractions of a light hearted and frothy nature – mind candy if you will. And I rarely find it. Oddly enough “We’re the Millers” is my current’s stupid and funny and I don’t have to THINK at all watching it. And I laugh and the ending is good and upbeat. What more could a distraction need? But even the classics that I’ve been watching on TCM (mostly all before 1960, although there have been one or two later than that) even those movies have a dark and sinister or unsavory bent lately. I watched “Splendor in the Grass” yesterday and couldn’t watch it to the conclusion. As I said I don’t find mental illness funny nor distracting. You pointed out that you don’t care for adultery as evidenced in that old Bette Davis film I critiqued the other night. There was additionally yesterday an old horror film (1954 I believe) which left me very unsettled and with a bad residual taste in my mouth…an odd little film along the lines of those more current day Twilight Zone films (interweaving four or five vignettes into a whole story thing). I had to watch some Law & Order SVU to get my mind off the darkness of that film and we all know L&O SVU ain’t good clean fun. The world is sad and I’m glad you found at least one distraction that didn’t make it all the sadder for you! Have a great day sweetie!


  2. I like me a salacious story, which is what the “TABLOID” story was billed as being. No way did I expect it to go right into insanity and abuse, and have someone try and bill it as “lighthearted fun” and “romance” gone wrong. All I could think watching that woman (and hoping that she was eventually put into jail) was, “That poor young man!”

    I don’t think there’s anything worse than rape, but to be raped AND have your complete existence and belief system mocked and ridiculed, AND the person who abused you gets away with impunity? Horrendous.

    I remember the promos for “We’re the Millers” but I’ve never bothered to see that one – I’ll have to check and see if I can find it for free on my system. I’m running about $5 bucks a night in rentals, and that’s not good because I’m trying to spend $0 until I get this house move behind me. Boxes and such I can see as a reasonable “moving” expense – videos, not so much.

    Unfortunately, at the time my parents were at their worst for divorcing, 1979, about 8 years into the continuing drama, Kramer vs. Kramer was released, and it scarred me for life.

    Truly just don’t want to know how one person can stop loving another, and decimate them so completely. Break up if you must, but keep it clean and keep adultery out of it. I don’t know that there was actual adultery in the film, but there was certainly that implied aspect to their storyline. Adding in the selfishness of the mother, the loss of income by the father trying to cope without a wife, and women’s lib underlying the storyline, and it was messy. Very, very messy. When given a choice, I don’t find messy at all appealing and prefer to hide. Just me.

    I love a lot of the old films, especially Bette Davis films, but haven’t yet seen the one you recommended. Instead, I got sucked into the documentaries (loved the one on the Carter’s for June Carter Cash’s family story), and I’m trying to keep it interesting without being something that will suck me in. Tom Petty’s documentary absolutely sucked me in – especially his viewpoint that you don’t cooperate just because one is being screwed over. It’s out and out war if it comes to that point. Loved his storyline.

    Right now, I have Hulu on with “The Ghost Whisperer” as Hulu is the only channel that won’t ask me every hour or so, “Are you still watching?” and shut off the service. That drives me mad for Sling TV and CBS All Access.

    Thanks for dropping by and visiting. I’ll let you know if I find the film you’ve recommended as I got rid of cable entirely, and if it’s not on Roku, Rabbit Ears/Antenna or DVD, I don’t watch it.


  3. ‘This Our Life’ (Bette Davis movie I watched) deals with adultery in periphery. The main character, Davis’,though is the focus. I can’t say I enjoy the film (I happen to have seen it twice now, but the first time I only caught the end). I watched again mostly for the cast , Bette Davis and Olivia de Havilland (sp?,). I was drawn in, that whole car wreck scenario you describe, and was a bit horrified to discover that Davis’s character had something called ‘narsicissic personality disorder). I have an aunt who has it. My cousins tell me horror stories of their childhood, of being tortured (emotionally and mentally) every single day. (Continued below)

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  4. They all bear psychologic scars as adults, but the eldest one has trauma the worst. In my own family I (eldest) do too. My mother probably had borderline personality disorder. So that movie resonated for a lot of reasons.

    ‘We’re The Miller’s on the other hand is a raunchy comedy and is total mindless entertainment, with a good happy upbeat ending. I recommend it because it sounded like what you were searching for. I hope you can find it for free. It was released in the late 90s, so it’s not exactly flying off the shelves. Happy viewing whatever you choose!😃

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  5. We are the Millers (that I can see on IMDB) has Jason Sudekis and Jennifer Anniston as the phony wife on a dope deal, doesn’t it? If yes, that’s a 2013 film. (It’s amazing how quickly time flies, LOL).

    However, if there’s another version from the 90’s, please let me know so that I’m sure to look for the right film, LOL.


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