Somebody’s Gonna Die !

You are not the boss of me Katie 05DEC12

My fur coated diva is not looking forward to this move.  I thought she was figuring out how to jump the doggy gate / kitty gate (she can jump 10 feet straight up – she could easily jump the gate if she chose).  Instead, she’s figured out that I didn’t lock the gate but merely set it up so that pushing against it wouldn’t open it, and that one needs to pull the gate toward themselves in order to pass through the door.

Guess who has figured out how to open the kitty gate???

My favorite move (after kicking her out of my bedroom, twice), is that she’s now taken to sitting on the OTHER side of the gate, from within the bedroom, and crying to me to come let her out.

As if !

Needless to say, someone is cruising for a bruising, and is going to die if I don’t get this bad behavior nipped in the bud.

8 years she’s lived with me.  And, 8 years it’s been “no” for ever coming into my bedroom.

I used to have the “rug of death” draped in front of the doorway, where she could lay, but where she would be punished if she crossed the threshold and entered my bedroom.


After she got more pushy (about 4 years ago), I got the kitty gate and have never regretted it.

Now, she’s upped the ante…

Kids !

* * * * * * * *

And, just so you know, she’s never hurt when she’s being punished.  I have a travel kennel that locks.  She gets picked up, I hiss in her face (just like a Momma cat) and put her in the (locked) kennel for a bit to keep her out from underfoot while she’s being obnoxious and not quitting her bad behavior.  She’s allowed out after she stops complaining and settles down to accept her fate.  (“You’re mean to me and I’m telling everyone!”)

Katie Protesting Life

I swear to heaven, she has a vocabulary understanding of about 200 words, she’s so smart. But, it’s that intelligence that gets her into hot water every time.

While I have a full-size kennel for her, she will put herself in time out if she’s done something wrong, by going into the travel carrier.  This cat is amazingly smart.

Kitty Jail - Katie 09DEC12

katie-03 032309  Look at that face – always up for something !


2 thoughts on “Somebody’s Gonna Die !

  1. What’s that saying “Dogs have owners, cats have staff?” Heh heh heh.. And you’re correct in believing that she can understand what you say, some scientists did a study of dogs and cats (or cats and dogs.. 😉 ) and found that the intelligence level is roughly that of a 2 year old child…complete with vocabulary. The animals have an advantage though, they pick up on facial clues, body language and (IMHO) have ESP beyond what we understand. And I believe also that some of our fur kids have a higher IQ than others..because they know they are loved and are safe. Ms. Katie is experiencing anxiety and we all have seen how a 2 year old reacts to anxiety…lots of tantrums, crying and acting out. Hugs Ms. Katie…after you put in your claws of course! ❤

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  2. Oh, she was groomed on Friday, so the claws are nice and trimmed as she’s been very “needy” lately, LOL. And, I never heard of that study, but absolutely believe it’s true. Our companion beasties are smart. Very, very smart.

    Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday, Embeecee.


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