Publishing ideas


Goals for rebuilding

As I’m coming up to the one year mark for being in the fight of my life, I’m looking back on some of my older blogs and wondering if there is a book in my story for dealing with chronic illness and accepting what cannot be beaten.

I’ve found that there are a number of resources out on the web, particularly TCK that claim that one can turn their writing into a published book on Kindle and in hardcopy format.

Found this particular page very helpful for outlining the “getting started” process now that I’ve got a years worth of writing under my belt:




Since June is “National Blogging” month, and it’s about to come to a close, I want to take a moment to look back on what I’ve managed to accomplish in the past year, despite being frustrated beyond belief.  This blogging effort has enabled me to keep my sanity when otherwise not able to keep it together.  Learn more about National Blogging month here:

It’s too soon to be finalizing plans for 2016, but I will hope to be able to finish my home purchasing / reorganization efforts and possibly attend the September 10th Writing Workshop in San Francisco:

to learn how to get published, or think about doing it later in the year in Las Vegas, when things are more settled and I have to go check on my aunt:

For now, I have the analytics from this site which show my high and low points for wellness and blogging, and I can use that tool to measure whether or not I have what it takes to possibly pursue this goal.


If nothing else, attending one of these events appears to be a relatively low cost (when compared to flying in a helicopter or seeing another show) and it’s a good goal to have – attending a writing conference and see if it may have a place in my future.  If I don’t make it for 2016, there’s always 2017 to try again.

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