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Well, I’ve hit a snafu in that the mortgage company who gave me the pre-approval with a State Disability income of $4,408 per month (or, $1,102 per week unless it’s a 5-week month), has now decided to deny my loan application once my income for Federal Social Security / Disability was determined to be $2,408 per month.

Since my rent is $1,735 per month as of August 1st, I’m still packing as I have to move SOMEWHERE to reduce my cost of living…

But, I’m struggling with making an offer to the Seller to buy their mobile home while I can’t provide documented proof from my employer of a guaranteed supplemental income each month.

Now, this isn’t a pity party.  This is just another reality for dealing with the high cost of getting ill in this country.  And, with not wanting to have to move to the boonies (2-3 hours away from everyone and everything important in my life) to reduce my monthly rent or mortgage costs down to $735 or so per month.

I really worry about losing my ability to drive.

I really worry about losing contact with my friends if I try and live further away.

I know I’m lazy, and understand “situational” friendships where you love folks, and you go out of your way for them, but once you’re further away than 30 minutes or so, the friendship falls by the wayside as they are just outside of your “routine” of life.

I could talk to the roomie and see about putting 90% of my stuff in storage and moving in with her for a year or two (ugh !).

I could choose to move to the boonies and renting for a year or two while living 2-3 hours away and waiting for the drama to resolve itself (ugh !).

Or, I could chose to counter-offer the Seller with a rental option equal to the value of the mortgage in a rent-to-own option with a two (2) year limit, in the hope that I could be able to opt to buy this unit as soon as I can document a higher income.  But, that’s pretty ballsy.  However, with a 2-year option, they could terminate the deal at any time if I’m late, or if we’ve reached the 2-year timelimit and my case still hasn’t settled.  I want to be fair and not keep them on the hook indefinitely.

I’m really thinking that my Plan A is going to be the ballsy option, with me offering to pay for the costs of putting in linoleum and painting the unit inside (all white) so that it’s clean enough for me to move into while reducing my costs…

Plan B will be to move to the boonies.

Plan C will be to move into the Roomies for a year or two (she can use the income).

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

For now, I’m continuing to pack as I clearly can’t afford to stay where I’m at, regardless of whatever option is the final outcome.

5 thoughts on “Packing

  1. I’d say go for the ballsy option. You never know. In the late 1980s I lived in what I still privately consider my “home.” A lovely little (we’re talking WEE) house on a large lot, with a lot of fruit trees, a mulberry bush, currents and fully fenced. Even had a garage (which was falling down). I LOVED it there. It was on the corner of two busy streets (until about 6 pm, at which time it got so quiet you could hear crickets), it was in a neighborhood I grew up in (after foster care) and it’s still a place I idealize as my ‘home.’ In 1991 I decided I needed to provide myself with some equity for the future, my job options were of the low wage sort and my mental health problems were gaining momentum. I doubted I’d ever marry and having some property seemed the best investment.

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  2. Sorry…this is going to take a couple of comments, WordPress still likes brevity. So I found a house I could afford (through HUD) and moved. My landlord at my “home” was an asshole and had threatened to double the rent on the house (he did the day after I moved out), and I couldn’t afford THAT. What I didn’t know is that he wanted to get rid of the property outright, and I could have probably worked out a rent to own deal with him or gotten the loan to buy the house (the landlord was not a nice man and was always doing sleazy things and it would have been a bad idea to get into a contract with him). I’m not sorry for the path I choose, given how the area where that house is has become seedy and run-down, and criminal elements are starting to favor the area, but sometimes I look down that other road and I still see ‘home.’ You never know until you ask is the point of all this blather, and I wish you Godspeed and a ton of good fortune regarding the mobile!.

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  3. I love it when you blather – enjoy and carry on.

    As for the points you’ve raised – you’re very right. I’m also wondering if I’m in competition with my own realtor as she’s being a pain in the butt, and I’ve found out that she frequently buys places she talks others out of (what she’s trying to do to me right now).

    I have the money in the bank. I’ve started the loan paperwork to take out $25k from my 401K as a “hardship loan” (which it looks like they are going to honor), so I now have a Plan D, with the first 3 plans moving back a step since it looks like I will be approved for a loan across the board, with updated requirements from the lender as of 2 hours ago.

    My neck is killing me from tension, and I have 5 boxes packed so far, so I’m making good headway in focusing on the things I have some control over (effort and persistence) vs. things I don’t have control over (failure, what other folks will think of me, etc.).

    Having our house auctioned out from underneath us when I was 14-15 really left some lasting scars, so I’m battling those demons as well as the normal crap as I try and see what’s possible without getting my heart broken.

    Hey – on a side topic – did you find that “go back to bed” t-shirt online? If not, do you want me to pick you up one since I’ll be down in that area a couple of times over the next few days and will have plenty of time to pick it up. Just let me know your size, please – I think it was about $11 with tax included.


  4. You and I wear the same size, LOL, so there’s no extra charge. I’ll be back and forth from that area over the next couple of days and will be sure to drop by that store to see if I can grab another in our size. Have a great day !


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