New Thresholds


Disability approved

Got into my bank account this evening to transfer money from Savings into Checking to find that my Disability approval for long-term status has been approved.

Phew !

Of course, that started a whole bunch of other work between me and the employer’s reps and the lawyer to update everyone on the approval (in the hope that the employer will do the right thing and pay me my matching wages so that the legal fight will just go away).

Yes, I sometimes live in fantasy land.

The other surprising thing was to find that the real estate agent for the trailer I was looking at reached out to me on Friday… maybe I can still qualify for the unit?

Whatever’s going on, I’m at a variety of new thresholds and hoping that everything will go well moving forward.  So very pleased to be off this stagnant plateau !

2 thoughts on “New Thresholds

  1. YAY!!! I KNEW you could do it, I just KNEW it!! ❤ ❤ Congratulations and now on to the next thing! Good luck with your mobile home, it'd be grand to have two miracles (as such) in one month!!! You are an inspiration!! 😀

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  2. Oh, I’m trying to be hopeful, but the mortgage people are making me crazy, Sparks. While I was pre-approved, now that they’ve thought about it. and seen how much Disability will pay, they don’t want to approve the mortgage. Crazy !

    Have got to get through to the employer that they *must* pay me the matching salary wages. Anything else is unconscionable.

    Thanks for your cheery note, and I hope you’re doing ok.


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