I won, I won, I won !

Exercise Day 2

Anyone who knows me would *know* that it’s silly that I’ve been fighting for the right to exercise, especially since the picture above shows what happens as soon as I’m done.  I need a nap.  Sometimes a lo-o-o-o-o-ong nap.  But, don’t let anybody tell me I am not allowed to do something, as that will only guarantee that I will not be able to be at peace / rest until I get it done.

It’s sad that I’m that predictable, but the reality is that I come from a long line of stubborn people who seem to need someone to fight with, and in my case it’s bureaucrats.  (Much nicer than picking on an innocent spouse).

Just got back from the Pulmonary Doc, who agrees that there are beds and chairs all over the world, and that my request to be able to travel despite my breathing challenges and exhaustion is not unreasonable.

I also got the results of my social security breathing tests (very similar to what I’ve previously posted in this series of blogs), and the Doc says that they still aren’t passing, so we’re hoping that Social Security will ultimately approve my request for benefits.

My breathing numbers are still falling (somewhere between 25 and 33% on a good day), but I can now move my butt a little each day without fear that being “caught” doing so will mean an automatic denial of benefits and a charge of fraud for faking my breathing difficulties.

Clearly, the bureaucrats never heard of Catch-22, in that I must keep on moving in order to remain healthy, but I also have to move less than I would be when working as my battery is just not charging up to full power any more.

COPD Daily Activities Example

This war isn’t over, but I’m glad to see that I made it through at least one battle with things appearing to go my way.


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