Well, it’s not to be

Hacidena Valley Estates Unit 66 - 1976 Mobile Home

While I could wish the outcome was different, just knowing that I got pre-approval on my loan (even if I couldn’t complete it yet because they want proof of long-term disability coverage for income), it’s a step in the right direction.

For now, though, it’s back to the drawing board.

I did sleep so well last night, though, that I’m seriously considering installing my own “salt cave” in whatever spare bedroom I end up having.  I don’t think something like this would be too over the top, do you?

Sea SAlt Cave

If a guy can put one in a truck and make it “mobile”, I can certainly see about putting one in my own home, once I finally have one.

Halotherapy or Sea Salt Therapy room

My nose is no longer bleeding, and I slept like a rock last night, so I think the halotherapy or himalayan sea salt room therapy really helped.

Now, if only I can have my own thalassotherapy mineral pool room, too.

I just need a way to reconstruct the one I used on the Holland America Cruise lines in my home or back yard.  I particularly desire the middle section with the water shooting out of the overhead spout hard, like a fire hose, and the middle section churning one around like clothes in a washing machine.  I lived in that pool for 7 days, and loved every minute.   If it wasn’t that I hated the smell of the ship (they had hand sanitizer everywhere, making it smell like an old man on a 3-day drunk), I would only travel on Holland America.  Wonderful, wonderful spa !

Thalassotherapy pool

And, if your party limo can have a hot tub in the back, why not my mobile home?  Silly, I know, but I live in hope, LOL.

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