Crazy Cat Lady Part II


The picture above depicts a video game.  I hope and pray that it doesn’t turn into my reality, as I start a new adventure for purchasing a mobile home in a senior park.

This is the same park where I was approved to purchase a home last year, and I cancelled the deal as I got cold feet, and the 30-year-old unit needed too much work.

Since then, prices have risen more than $100k on average, and they are starting to do “pull outs” and replacing the older homes with new ones, which average $329k as their purchase price.

Well, if I am stressing out over paying $1,735 a month in rent, heaven’s knows that I’d go crazy if I had to cover the purchase price mortgage on a $329k home.  Presuming that I qualify for the pittance available from Disability / Social Security of $2,300 – I need to move sooner rather than later.

Should I end up being disqualified from receiving disability and having to find a job, it will be easier to find one with my medical limitations if my cost of monthly living expenses is much lower than it currently is while renting.

So, wish me luck.  With any blessings from (wherever), the home I’m seeing later today will be old but solid, and I’ll be approved to purchase it without a lot of drama.


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