It was the best of times…

… it was the worst of times, for everyone appeared to be on their last nerve this weekend.


While I’m thrilled that my desired, eventual home in Morgan Hill is in a growing area, I’m not thrilled that “gentrification” has hit town with its related problems.  Yes, Morgan Hill is growing from a wonderfully small town farming community, to have more of the problems of the big city.

4950036448_2b21a5fc77_b      Morgan-Hill-CA


I understand that change comes to everything with the passage of time, however, I’d prefer to be able to have fun at the annual event without seeing unhappy people around me.  Apparently, with all the gentrification, comes the problems of jerk children moving in from the big city to cause problems.

We had multiple incidents at the art and wine festival with teenagers stealing things, physical violence, and something as crazy as someone robbing the cash box of one of the city fund raiser booths (not sure if it was the Rotarians, the Knights of Columbus, or what have you), but it saddens my heart to see the surrounding problems from wrong-side-of-the-tracks / big-city-San-Jose coming to sleepy little Morgan Hill.

We no longer do events at South San Francisco’s Orange Park, as the crowd is too at risk (young mothers, traveling in tribes, stealing things.  The park is also across the street from some sort of gang headquarters house, so the baby daddy’s and their entourage of baby Mama’s hit the park about 3pm, and the problems increase exponentially from there as territory fights begin).

South San Francisco is a sleepy little area filled with wonderful people.  Many of its community members are highly religious, and there are churches on almost every corner and mountain peak.

But, head toward Orange Park, and one is in the heart of gang territory.

It’s that way with the Capitol Expressway / Blossom Hill area of San Jose.  Lots of it is wonderful, filled with hard working people trying to get ahead.  But, parts of it are filled with those who have fallen on hard times, mental health challenged homeless folks who have fallen through the cracks, and drug or alcohol lost souls.

While there are many mobile home parks in San Jose that would meet my criteria, the cost of the lot space rent is through the roof, even in a senior park, and they are mostly located across the street from family-style mobile home parks where under-supervised children abound as their parents try their best to get ahead.

Add in gentrification, and most mobile home parks have been removed from Silicon Valley.  The ones remaining charge astronomical space fees for rent, and the average price of the homes are $100k to $350K, which is a deal in a 50-mile circumference where the average home price is $750k to $1m

So, I get it that I’m between a rock and a hard place to find an affordable place to live as my COPD worsens and I’m not yet at the point where I’m in hospice or assisted living (and someone has to find a way to pay the bill because it’s beyond me).

My hope was going to be my own small place in Morgan Hill (and still is, if I can find the money to afford a home in a well-run senior park that I know well), but yesterday’s event really saddened me to see big city troubles coming to my little town.

Such a happy event, ruined by so few intent on causing mayhem everywhere they went.



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