… But still I had fun


The Mushroom Mardi Gras was more of the same in terms of opening my eyes to the challenges of dealing with COPD.

In my case, I got my business partner to slow down (she tries to help me, and that drives me crazy).  Her own worsening health with under-diagnosed COPD (she knows she’s got it, but refuses to go to the doctor or to deal with the underlying disease) makes her panic, and then she worries I’m not going to be able to keep up, so it becomes challenging to both of us when she insists on “helping” me.  Our favorite catch-phrase is, “don’t help me!” for both of us, so we can at least still laugh over it between ourselves.

But, by the time I had packed up the booth materials and gotten us to the restaurant last night, I couldn’t think straight to add up the numbers.

Ugh – I hate the brain fog that can accompany COPD !   Last night’s receipt madness:

Receipt Maddness

I could not add up our sales receipts to balance the books to save my life due to exhaustion, so that’s today’s homework.  Seeing if my brain fog is in a better state (plus using Excel) to get me to the final numbers.

  • Cash.
  • Credit.
  • Starting funds.
  • Expenses.
  • Number of Sales.
  • Who gets credit for what sale.
  • What processing charges for credit transactions come out of whose sales.

My brain just wasn’t up to coping last night.  And, I still had to be alert enough to drive home without an accident.  Luckily, having dinner helped beat back the tiredness (even if I couldn’t add to save my life), and I made it home safely.

Now that I’ve slept most of the day away, it’s time to sit down and do the numbers, and then think of going back to my partner’s (while listening to the last chapter of my audio book) and get the car unloaded.


The one bonus about losing my ability to read for any length of time due to eye fatigue is that I’m learning so much more about the characters in the audio version than what I picked up when reading the hardcopy.

Wasn’t a fan of the narrator when the series first began (he made Bren Cameron sound lame brained and slow), but his more precise, asian style of speaking for each of the characters is really growing on me for illustrating verbally the Atevi style of culture and communication.  CJ Cherryh is always an interesting writer, and I learn so much about diplomacy and OCD thinking when reading or listening to this particular series.

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