Vacation “experiences”


Good day, if tiring, yesterday. Managed pretty well despite the COPD related tiredness.  I will soon be off to do part II of our art & wine show later today.

FYI, I use social media to wake up, to fill in a spare 5 minutes in my day, and to comfort me on my way to bed (reassurance or whatever that all’s right with my online world for another day).

Anyway, I tell you all that to ask you this: do you have vacation “chore” memories, where your parents took you places to expose you to different people and situations, or was that belief just something isolated to my parents?

The picture below sparked a memory, and summarizes one 1969 Summer vacation when my parents traveled from Massachusetts to Canada, ensuring we got to ride (and were now old enough to remember) our first car-on-a-ferry. Add-ins: a retractible bridge, miles and miles of endless freight trains when passing through Maine to get to Canada, and such, plus sharing the back seat in my Dad’s GTO Pontiac without killing each other. There we were, siblings; my 11 year old big brother on one corner with a window, 9 year old me in the other corner with a window, and 1 year old baby sister in her car seat kicking the two of us as we drove because we “dared” to be in her space, LOL. (The princess normally had the back seat all to herself, with her car seat placed up high on the back seat arm rest, so that she could enjoy the view from her royally-placed perch. With every kick from those hard as a rock white baby shoes, she was telling us how was really the boss to be reckoned with, LOL).

So mamy good memories, and life long experiences that served me well, when looked back through 45 years later.


(oh, and the film link won’t work as it’s a still picture and not an actual link)

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