WordPress Ate My Homework


I came back today to find a variety of recent posts missing, with only the comments remaining.   Not sure what caused this latest snafu, but I have noticed that wordpress doesn’t like me composing from my iPad from time to time…

Wordpress Homework

And the missing content…

Fat and Freezing






So, while it accepted my latest post on Willie’s Stem Cells, I’m going to not post (beyond this blog) until a few days have passed.  My hope is that I will get an answer that will allow me to retrieve the old stuff.

Thanks for your patience.


Yay !!!

Julie M Richardson is a lifesaver !  Took me a bit to understand where to find the button (had to be in the “edit” mode, and then had to go back to a version visible in “Black” ink along the timeline vs. one visible in “Red” ink, then hit “update” button) but she helped me out in the forum, and I’m cured !

Red vs Black


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