Freezing & still fat – COPD Adventures


One of the things that I liked about going from 140 lbs to 200 lbs after I moved to California was the fact that I was now warm.  Actually warm.

I didn’t have to wear 15 layers, and still be freezing / sweating / freezing.

I didn’t have to have multiple sizes of clothes so that one thing could fit over another in layers because I was so chilled.  Chilled constantly.

So, it’s been quite an adventure to warm and cozy; awoken to take care of business in the middle of the night; and then descending to freezing when the ambient temperature in the room is fine, and there’s not enough covers on any bed to re-warm my chilled body.  I’m thinking part of this is the joys of peri-menopause.  But, as I’m reading on the website, I’m also finding out that this is a new joy of my disease.

Seriously?  I spent all this time getting warmer by adding layers of fat, and it’s no longer enough???

Key quotes from the website and editorial team were very educational:

* * * * * * * *

It’s no secret that weather changes can have quite an impact on COPD – cold weather can be harsh on the lungs and warm humidity can make it tough to breathe. But what’s weird is when it’s hot outside and yet you still can’t feel warm!

One of our community members asked us: “My loved one with COPD goes through times when she just can’t feel warm. She shivers and despite an electric blanket cannot warm up. Does this happen to you? Any advice?”

This feeling of unyielding cold is not uncommon! Many of you mentioned experiencing chills and the inability to warm up – you are certainly not alone:

 – I thought it was just me! I am so cold all the time!
 – Now I know I’m not nuts!
 – Even my hair feels cold!
 – It sounds like you’re talking about me!

Key advice that I’ve used through the years:  

“Hot shower and a heating pad”

  • I use a heating pad, wear very thick socks, and take very warm showers when I get cold I have also used my hair dryer to blow hot air all over me to help warm up
  • Wool blanket, heavy socks and my heating pad and i still can’t get warm
  • Sometimes I sit in the shower for twenty minutes just to feel the hot water on me

“Lots of layers. Even in summer”

  • I wear so many layers it’s ridiculous. I wear long underwear until it gets in the 50’s and I always have a sweater or sweatshirt on
  • I never go anywhere without a sweater, even if the outside temp is 90.
  • I when I feel this way I just have to pile on the layers and stay in bed until I’m thawed out.

* * * * * * * *

Needless to say, the two points highlighted in red show my normal go-to solutions.  But, having gone through another bought of freezing this morning, I’m sitting here in a sweatshirt and my PJ’s searching for solutions to try and get warm / stay warm without overheating.

Anyone else with COPD have experience with this particular problem?  Inquiring minds would love to know…

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