Quote Challlenge – Day 3 of 3


While I don’t believe that fighting my bodies birth defects makes me a better person, I will confirm that I’ve fought for self-acceptance and to not be bitter as my body begins its inevitable journey back to dysfuction and loss of autonomy.

Anger at things which cannot be changed is like adding a bitter frosting to every other good thing in one’s life.  Bitterness colors the world, and prevents one from seeing how much is still worthwhile, as we focus on only the aspects of life that aren’t working for us, that drive us to frustration, and that may obsesses our view of the world to the point where we can’t see any good which might remain.

I left my home and moved 3,000 miles away in the hope I could find indepence and autonomy and live for at least a little bit, unsupervised and unassisted, before the inevitable bell curve of my life kicked in again to bring me on the downhill side of the roller coaster ride, after a long, long, climb to the heights.

So, today’s quote is about self-acceptance for me.  It’s about finding a way to get out of your own way so that the thing you most fear doesn’t control your life.

Due to my birth defects, and how often I’ve clung to life while fighting off an inevitable death which comes to us all in its time, I’ve struggled a lot with the whole, “Why am I here?” question, as well as the self-aggrandizing, “Why me?!” demand of a faceless and nameless entity or process which we may  call the Creator of life.  Or, we may determine is Anathema.  Chaos theory at its best.

Since I don’t believe there is cause and effect to the suffering which may be involved in the struggle to live, since I don’t believe in a Creator or a sole being with a plan for every individual, I look back at science and nature as my guides on this journey.

If no one has the same answer about why we’re all here, and I can’t fact-check the answer for a consistent series of data touch points that might lead to a statistical belief in some empirical knowledge, life just is what it is.  No rhyme.  No reason.  You see what cards you’re dealt and you make the best of them, because any other viewpoint is self-imposed torture about things for which you have no control.  Life happens.   Make yours count in the way you think best.


Now – back to our Quote Challenge.


I was nominated for the Quote Challenge by my friend, Sparks, over at SparksFromACombustibleMind on Tuesday, April 5th. Due to being on vacation dealing with family issues, this is my third and final day to begin catching up in the Social world.

Now, for the Rules (because there’s always Rules, even if it’s just to give you something to feel wicked about breaking);

Quote Challenge Rules:

Post on three (3) consecutive days.
Pick one (1) or (3) quotes per day.
Challenge three (3) different bloggers per day.
Thank the blogger who nominated you.

So, thank you Embeecee a/k/a “Sparks” for what starting this challenge, for stopping by and visiting with your own thoughts, and for occasionally hijacking my blog in this alternate reality of a social world where we hang out.

And, finally, according to the rules,

Pick three (3) different bloggers to play along:

– Unfortunately, I can’t do this part. Everybody’s busy, so I ask you to nominate yourself.

And, my own twist, make a comment on why this particular quote resonates within the author on this particular day.


For anyone who chose to play along, thak you.

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