Quote Challenge – Day 2 of 3

I was nominated for the Quote Challenge by my friend, Sparks, over at SparksFromACombustibleMind on Tuesday, April 5th. Due to being on vacation dealing with family issues, this is my second full day to begin catching up in the Social world.

Now, for the Rules (because there’s always Rules, even if it’s just to give you something to feel wicked about breaking);

Quote Challenge Rules:

Post on three (3) consecutive days.
Pick one (1) or (3) quotes per day.
Challenge three (3) different bloggers per day.
Thank the blogger who nominated you.

So, thank you Embeecee a/k/a “Sparks” for what you post here and in the other social world we hang out.  The pretty flowers, small animals, and general thoughts you share as you go about your day add color to my world.

Today’s quote is one of those anonymous things that pops up on facebook from time to time via family and friends, and it seems appropriate:

Keeping your Mouth Shut

Quote 2, Day 2 of 3:

Pick three (3) different bloggers to play along:

– Unfortunately, I can’t do this part. Everybody’s busy, so I ask you to nominate yourself.

And, my own twist, make a comment on why this particular quote resonates within the author on this particular day.

Today’s quote is on my personal failing.  Keeping my mouth shut.  One of my favorite writers, Sharon Randall, wrote a column about the fact that “Family shows up”.  That’s it.  In times of crisis.  Times of despair.  Times of joy.  Family just shows up, because that’s what keeps the connections strong.

As we begin to get into our own little worlds, and are less and less involved in the outside world, it’s peaceful.  It’s positive.  It’s relaxing.  But, at the end of the day, if someone you love needs you, you must show up.  Show up and shut up.  So, that’s what this quote means to me.  You may feel that you can make a difference.  You may feel that something needs to be said.  At the end of the day, though:

– is it kind?

– is it helpful?

– is it necessary?

If it can’t pass the trifecta of checking yourself and your own motivations, then one must keep their mouth shut.  Or, come on here and purge it all so that one is able to keep their mouth shut, LOL.

Hope your day was a good one.


2 thoughts on “Quote Challenge – Day 2 of 3

  1. Or you end up gnawing furrows in your tongue, and raw tongue is disgusting. Heh. That quote was appropriate and timely. I have a difficult time doing it myself, but have become better with practice and a keen sense that my opinion is only important to myself anyway. For you? You’re wise and temper your advice with good common sense. What’s not to like? I get the idea that you were talking about your recent trip and the words you probably had to not say to avoid a fluffer with your aunt? Well dear, you showed up and you showed your support. She couldn’t ask for more.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, that’s part of it. Plus the whole “kill me now” drama (vs. well-thought-out and dispassionate euthanasia). Plus the knowledge that my showing up made her feel better, loved, connected; whatever. And, finally, plus the knowledge that my showing up did not a darn bit of good.

    Got to talking to her yesterday about her hand surgery (done Friday night – yay – I’m off the hook for being there), which evolved into a conversation about her “memory” medicine, Aricept, and how much better she feels back on it, and which degenerated into a debate on whether or not I had her medical records. She didn’t recall being told she has “frontal temporolobe damage”, and wanted to study up on it.

    Reminding her that she took her records with her didn’t help.
    Advising her that she can google the information didn’t help.

    Reminding her that she needs to get out of bed did not a darn bit of good. So, biting my tongue as best as I can. Nothing I can or do say makes any kind of difference.


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