Quote Challenge – Day 1 of 3

Las Vegas - Ballys APR16 trip

I was nominated for the Quote Challenge by my friend, Sparks, over at SparksFromACombustibleMind yesterday.  Due to being on vacation dealing with family issues, this is my first full day to begin catching up in the Social world.

As with Sparks, or her formal pen name, Embeecee, I have the same disclaimer – everyone’s busy, and the folks I’m nominating (excluding Sparks officially, because she’s already got a lot going on) may choose to visit and participate, or not.  Anyone else choosing to visit may also play along.  It’s your own call.

Now, for the Rules (because there’s always Rules, even if it’s just to give you something to feel wicked about breaking);

Quote Challenge Rules:

  1. Post on three (3) consecutive days.
  2. Pick one (1) or (3) quotes per day.
  3. Challenge three (3) different bloggers per day.
  4. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

So, thank you, Sparks, as nothing makes me happier than to come to this site and read about your adventures in blogging, your writing challenges, your musical whimsies, and your fiction and poetry.

Today’s quote is from Hugh Laurie, who I sometimes confuse with his alter ego, Dr. House.  Very surprised to see how much I enjoy the perspective of the Actor as well as the roles he plays:

Quote 1, Day 1 of 3:

Hugh Laurie Quote

Pick three (3) different bloggers to play along:

– Unfortunately, I can’t do this part.  Everybody’s busy, so I ask you to nominate yourself.

And, my own twist, make a comment on why this particular quote resonates within the author on this particular day.

Having just come back from visiting my Aunt, an upstanding member of:

Total Drama Allstars

I am happy to say that I did what I felt was right, because “family just shows up” when there is a crisis.  And, I’m also glad that I didn’t call adult protective services before I got there, as her injuries were a cry for attention vs. real injuries.

Don’t get me wrong.  Auntie was hurt.

Auntie was not hurt to the extent she was playing it up, though.  That’s why she was nominated.  While she was originally diagnosed with a broken shoulder, broken wrist, fell again and was diagnosed with a broken hand (long story – but she refused to go to the Emergency Room – so it was hard to get a straight story).

Anyway, while she had impressive bruising on her face and body, by the time I’d arrived there was some question about whether or not the shoulder and wrist were broken.  They felt the hand was broken in 3 places, however, the expert couldn’t help her her as she’d waited too long to get to him (4 days) and now he wanted her to go to a “hand specialist” for possible surgery.

The insurance company, of course, required her to first go back to her primary care physician before helping her, as her lack of Emergency Room support and the delays involved in accessing care available moved her emergency back to “non-urgent” so she must now jump through hoops for any kind of appropriate medical care.  She’ll probably have to have the hand re-broken as part of fixing it, if surgery is needed.

But, I sat by her bedside for 3+ hours on each of the days I was in town, and I saw her hand moving and the fingers wiggling, so I think she’s going to be ok.  (*** Disclaimer – I’m not a doctor, I’m just highly opinionated about medical, legal and other matters ***).

So, back to the quote.

I think the Hugh Laurie quote resonates with me so much because of Auntie’s wasted life.  She has made of herself an invalid, making her health much worse due to self-neglect.  Always, she wanted to do things, but the timing was wrong.  Now that the timing is better (as more of her compatriots have retired and have access to disposable cash), she is too ill to travel unless someone is willing to accompany her and facilitate everything because Auntie is no longer capable.


As I was reading today’s myCOPDteam postings from some of the social media members, so many were talking about being unable to travel any more because it made them sick.  They had progressed too far in the disease timeline to be able to do what they wished.

So, it’s a good reminder.  Make life count while you can – even if you’re afraid or tired or risk your health – because there are no second chances in life.


One thought on “Quote Challenge – Day 1 of 3

  1. Woot! Thanks for the nod, and thanks for ‘playing’ even with all the tizzy in your personal life. I’m glad your auntie wasn’t as bad as was feared. And I happen to love Dr. House or Hugh Laurie (saw him in a couple of films before he got the House label as it were, and he’s a fine actor) . And I agree. What’s the Latin … um .. Carpe Diem!! Carpe Diem = seize the day. I’ve heard it’s the regrets of things we didn’t do and chances we didn’t take that we dwell on most as our path nears the clearing in the wood or we get towards the winter months of our lives or whatever euphemism is appropriate for how we’re spending our twilight time (another one!) … You are a great example…Australia, Great Britain (or Europe) in a year or so, cruising around on ships….I so admire your gusto!!

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