Sleep as a detriment

I very much enjoy Living in a Limited World‘s blog, and today’s was about the siren call of sleep.


As my disease progresses (I have COPD, she has PR Multiple Schlorosis)  I find myself trying to find the energy that was such a challenge at this time last year (but still do-able), to where I am now – fighting off sleep and exhaustion constantly.  Her blog was all about that challenge today, which also struck a cord in me.  Shouldn’t we have some pride, to fight off the siren call to just sleep and do nothing?

With COPD, lack of movement is a detriment.  Therefore, too much sleep is a warning of how easy it is to let yourself fall by the wayside and your health get worse.

I’ve already done my first fishing of the year (yay, the license is here!), and while that adventure involved a paddle boat and 2.5 hours of pedaling (not constant, but more exercise than I usually get), the following 3 days were a twilight haze of being too tired to do anything.

Yes, I got out of bed.  Yes, I took my meds and had my meals.

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But, every time I turned around, I was asleep.  Sitting up.  (Which isn’t all that unusual for me, given my breathing challenges for sleeping when lying down).  Or, my body was tired enough that I was crawling into bed for a 2-hour or so nap each day.

I hate the fact that I’ve become a clock watcher.  I must maintain some sort of schedule, so I set the alarm to get up and be a part of the world (6:30 or so is reasonable, as I usually need a pee break about that time, anyway).  Thereafter, it’s a matter of watching the clock to see when it’s “respectable” for me to head back to bed.  Seriously!  I used to enjoy cable TV for keeping me involved in favorite late night programming, but since I cut the cable cord and live off internet television and Sling TV, the pickings are slimmer and my bed calls to me all that faster.


Every day has become a challenge to keep moving (and I have yet to be disciplined to make it back to the YMCA – something I hope will be resolved once I get my new swimsuits as I’m feeling very porky / big bellied right now.  I don’t mind dressing in swim shorts and a swim shirt, but I draw the line at flashing anyone any belly skin).

Yesterday, though, I got out of the house (after a morning nap – having arisen at 6:30am, I needed another nap about 8:30am as I was freezing and tired). Did a bunch of paperwork for the lawyers (my daily job is to check all emails – something many friends are grateful for, as they are getting faster replies back, LOL), and generally kept my life in order from a paperwork viewpoint before moving on with my day.

Believe me, having my days scheduled out is a blessing to keep me moving.

Joining a girlfriend, I headed down to Silicon Valley to go bowling, and got stuck in 2 hours of bumper to bumper traffic (car accidents – not my bad timing).  Once at her house, though, I handed her the keys to the car as I was feeling a little tired – again! – and thought it was more respectful of her safety to let her drive vs. me insisting to be behind the wheel.  There’s just something about driving that I find incredibly boring (and always have) which is why I insist on driving a standard shift car.  The manual drive gives me something to do, to ensure that I stay engaged in the journey while behind the wheel.  Silly, but I’ll take whatever help I can get to avoid being behind the wheel when tired.

Managed to get home after a BBQ dinner, caught up on Survivor, and was in bed by 11:30 to listen to the latest chapter of the Foreigner series that I’m enjoying on Audio now that my eyes get too tired to read much any more.  Within a few minutes of hitting the bed, I’m out cold until the next potty run calls my name.

Since I’m sitting here freezing once again (and I can see beautiful sunshine outside my window), I’m going to jump in the shower and get my butt in gear in the hope that I won’t be home to sleep until at least midnight again tonight.

This needing to sleep all the time is absolutely for the birds !



2 thoughts on “Sleep as a detriment

  1. And (says me, who knows little) or But. But. Don’t forget that being tired is the body’s way of saying “Okay. I’m done for a while. I need to replenish so you can continue to do the amount of things you’re asking of me” I find it annoying to0 (and it’s ‘bad’ for me to sleep in the daytime = naps have been made verboten because of my insomnia) but sometimes I just am so tired that it physically hurts to try to stay awake. Like now. So if this comment is a little rambling and out of focus, that might be why. I know you’re very smart and you’ve dealt with your concerns for a lifetime and only you can really say when enough is enough for sleep. Then it’s time (IMHO) to ask the doctors what might be done to lessen the need. And does that sound as stupid to you as it does to me, reading it back? Um. How about this? Best wishes for the best of outcomes as you deal with the need to doze.

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  2. Your comment is fine, and I appreciate the effort when you’re tired, too. The biggest fear (vanity?) – whatever – is that most of what I’ve tried have been dietary supplements (such as ubiquinol) which mess up the blood sugars.

    The next thing is oxygen, and I’m too vain to want that. It also sends a signal that things are worse than they are to my hind brain. Still thinking on this issue, but very much appreciate your 2 cents, too.


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