Holiday Blessing

Having COPD has not changed my viewpoint.  I’m much more about finding non-denominational and non-religious blessings than I ever was, as only I am responsible for the fickle finger of fate life has dealt me.

Having started down this path as a babe in arms, I will never accept that I caused my disease, or that I have something to atone for from a previous life.

Yes, I’m just that stubborn and opinionated.


That being said, though, I can admire someone with a strong faith and the courage of their convictions.

As someone who was raised with an Irish last name, a mix of Protestant, Catholic and Jewish family values, and a strong connection to my Scots forebearers, I’m a typical American – a heinz 57 mix of beliefs and values.

I know about religion, but don’t have any particular faith.

It does amuse me no end, though, to watch some of my more faithful friends scramble to save us all from our impending doom, as they post statement after statement about the world being at an end, and their efforts to get one more soul for their God.


So, I hope you can understand my sense of whimsey when I went to find a picture to illustrate my point, and it turns out that Homer Simpson was picture No. 666 being added to my iPad (queue the dramatic music).

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:  I have no idea what comes after this life.  “Next” is just a concept to me, and not some strongly held religious belief.  I don’t believe in promises from afar, delivered second hand, in the form of hopeful gossip to keep us calm on a dark and scary night as we pray for the return of the dawn and the light.  The return of the illusion of safety in the bright light of day.

While I will hope to be reunited with loved ones, doesn’t that also mean that I’ll be reunited with the ones I didn’t love, too?  If a God is merciful, doesn’t that mean that he gives second, third and fourth chances in the hope we will learn from our mistakes?

While I will aways hope that, if this life has some higher purpose beyond existance and endurance, that I learn whatever “lesson” I was set here to ingest.  I’m not holding my breath, awaiting my guarantee of the promised land.

In my case, though, despite all the TYJ prayers and posturing from friends and family, I just don’t think that it all makes a hill of beans worth of difference to whomever’s “in charge”, if such an entity exists.

Think about how heartbreaking it would be to choose among millions if not billions of people regarding which prayers are granted and which prayers are ignored;

– The child who prays not to be beaten – again.

– The trafficked woman who prays not to be raped – again.

– The mother who prays for her fragile child’s life.

– The unemployed father, praying for a job to feed his family.

– The family who lost everything in a “natural” disaster.

All these people couldn’t have done something wrong to “deserve” to be chosen to endure life’s travails.  Somebody (many somebody’s) have to be collateral damage, forced to endure pain or living nightmares beyond comprehension simply because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

If they all didn’t do something to “deserve” their fate, then would you want the job of the so-called God to choose among the inhabitants of this world to determine who is deserving of a so called, “perfect” life (think Donald Trump – the man won’t admit to a moment of difficulty along his petal-strewn path)?

No matter how I come to this topic, I just can’t believe that life is more than chaos theory.  We live.  We do our best.  We die.  Then, and only then, do we have a hope of finding out what the purpose behind this existence may have been or may continue to be, as we find out about what’s “next”.

So, as many of you are celebrating the ressurrection and the life of Jesus today, and are comforted by your faith, know that I wish you well in your beliefs.

As the sign says, “May all life’s passing seasons bring the best to you and yours.”

I’m off to enjoy the day in all its sunny beauty.

2 thoughts on “Holiday Blessing

  1. Aw shazbat…it ‘ate’ my comment! Phooey. Okay let’s try again. Happy Easter! I’m glad you have warmth and sun to enjoy today!

    And I wanted to say a little something about a comment I’ve seen you make on a couple of these more religious touchy-feel-y posts lately…(and it’s possible that I misunderstand what you mean, and if so I’ll take my correction in good humor)

    I’ve seen you say things about those who have (what I would call) “severe” trials visited on them…death, disaster, chronic illness, rape, starvation, deprivation…all that crap that makes people go “Thank >insert your higher power of choice” that’s not ME!

    And you’ve wondered why some get the shit and some get the shinola I think…like why did Joe Blow over here lose his entire house to a horrible fire; while Joe Brown over there was spared?

    Well here’s my take on it for what it’s worth. We ALL have (to us personally) ‘severe’ trials. You’ve listed some of yours – losing your home to disaster (twice wasn’t it?); and the COPD (you don’t complain, but to ME, it’s a severe trial); and the stuff you had to endure as a kid while ‘they’ tried to fix your problems and so forth.

    And you came through, tougher and still fighting and working and doing everything in your power to continue living a ‘normal’ life (whatever that is).

    And for myself there’s been abuse and loss and betrayal and chronic illness and a bunch of mental bullshit that nobody should have to deal with. I’ve survived one house fire (most of my stuff was smoke damaged only though), and I’ve been near to homeless and without any money, so I would have truly been a beggar living in my car (thankful for the car at least).

    And I think I came through tougher and still fighting and working and doing everything in my power to continue living a ‘normal’ life.

    And all those other billions of people out there who pray and don’t get ‘answers’? Don’t get any relief? To ME? (opinion only here) maybe that’s their answer if you will. It’s their severe trial to endure. It’s their path.

    I personally doubt if God goes around pointing a finger and damning one person to something vile, while sparing another. We’re all on the same playing field, and maybe some of us are luckier or more fortunate or whatever to be born in better circumstances (countries that aren’t impoverished for example) but I don’t think that anyone who is born into a third world country with poverty and starvation and filthy water is deemed as “bad” and therefore deserving of their circumstances.

    Maybe it’s a cosmic crap-shoot. For some of us too believing in that higher power gets us through our own severe trials..maybe we’re weaker minded or something, but maybe we need to have something to lean against when we can’t stand up.

    I do firmly believe that God doesn’t condemn some and reward others though. That’s against what He is supposed to be about. And He answers all prayers – but the answer may not be what the supplicant wants to hear or even may think they need. I’ve been through that kind of scenario myself.

    Just some rambling thoughts and another attempt to hijack your blog! Thank God YOU’RE forgiving about that! 😀

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  2. Those are excellent thoughts and part of exactly what I’m trying to express.

    My frustration, though, comes with those of my friends and family who feel they know what’s best for me and everyone else. That they must “get” one more for Jesus, or their purpose on this earth (and their possible final accounting) is in jeopardy. Their failure to respect boundaries as they try and convert me, yet again, is seen as their personal failing in the eyes of their understanding of the God they worship’s expectations of them.

    Those people aren’t thinking of third world suffering, but simply comparing themselves to their neighbors and are certain that every blessing comes to their lives because of their faith and their armies of “prayer warriors”. As if the powers-that-be heed the volume of the prayers more than the individual supplicant.

    And, the stronger their testimony to the power of Jesus in their lives, the more insulated they and theirs will be as more “deserving” of mercy or clemency or protection from the ravages of life that befall us all from time to time, regardless of how good and faithful person they may believe themselves to be.

    Most of the time, I can keep my anti-faith diatribes to myself, but when religious holidays come around and I’m once again chided for not having a declared faith? Well, it chaps. So, I come to blogging to purge my irritation and move on. Much less detrimental than giving the TYJ faithful the sharp edge of my irritation.

    Thanks for listening. Trying not to be judgy about anyone of faith, but some days are more trying than others.


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