Gina Apple – interesting COPD blogger

First, let’s start by giving her a round of applause for sharing her story.


Next, let me give you a link to her blog so that you can check out her writings, too:

Gina Apple

And, let me show you the image on her website that reached out and grabbed me to confirm that we were sisters from another Mother:


Seriously.  Who could not look at this self-portrait and know that they had found another steriod-impacted twin, even if we’ve never met in life?

While I have a bunch of benign tumors in my big old pot belly due to the steroid use as a child, it was very refreshing to see what amounts to a self-portrait of the risks and rigors of using steroids posted on her blog.  Especially the adrenal tumor, too !

While Gina lives outside of the USA, so her benefits are different, it’s been wonderful to see how active she’s keeping, and how she’s been able to learn the system to make it work for her reality.

If you have a minute, please check out Gina’s blog – especially if you, too, are struggling with COPD and its residual effects on your life.

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