Medical Interventions – worthwhile?

This weeks’ Better Breathers Club in Santa Clara helped me to keep current on alternative therapies, including providing me with a $51 device that no one else had ever suggested to me.  I have the Acapella DH, and I just don’t know whether or not it’s worth the cost.  (Ignoring the fact that it was free, of course, for participating in the class.  Love those medical samples !)

Acapella Breathing Device

Last months’ session had included the suggestion from our respiratory specialist hosts that I check out:

 IPV’s (Intrapulmonary percussive ventilators [e.g., the Impulsator F00012] which retails for a yet-to-be-disclosed amount, and which does not appear to be supported by my medical company, Aetna, as they consider this mucus-expelling device “experimental” for most uses.  Not all uses, though, just most uses).

They also suggested a high-frequency chest compression tool which delivered services via an inflatable vest to move mucus and clear airways.  e.g., The Vest.  Of course, that one I could buy myself for $15,900.  I might be able to get a prescription to have it paid for by my medical insurance, but Aetna is clear that they aren’t paying for anything.

So, just like the stem cell treatments I’m considering, this cost would come out of my own pocket.  With that challenge in mind for not having unlimited funds, I’d like to rent it / try it first, before making any kind of commitment to buy it.  So far, rentals don’t appear to be available, so I’m glad to have the Acapella device to see if I notice any difference in my ability to clear my mucus build up upon rising each day.  The Acapella device, however, doesn’t seem to be making any difference to me that I can notice.

It was quite entertaining, though, to be going through a class and discussing mucus or sputum; the color, the thickness, and the challenges of getting it out of the airway each day.

Absolutely contrary to social conditioning for polite conversation.

Anyway, I’m not sure if anyone else has tried any of these items, but I’d love to hear back from you about any relief or challenges you experienced.

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