Addictions – where’s my internet?


I can do without the internet.


If you tell me we don’t have it.

In advance of taking it away / making it unavailable.

But, to make my hotel bookings so that I could talk to the lawyer handling my COPD Disability case while traveling, and have the internet be down?  Maddening.

Then, to get to the cruise ship, where internet robust enough to provide the ability to “Skype, Facetime”, etc., was promised, and not be able to maintain a signal?  Crazymaking.

Finally, to be locked out of my debit card – despite having warned the bank that I would be traveling, my dates, and getting their assurances that I would not be locked out?  Insanity. Because, if there is no internet, then there’s no Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) for calling the bank or the lawyer or anyone else to get any of these problems resolved.

Needless to say, I survived, and managed to post a little each day while traveling, but it was still too little too late.

Unfortunately, one of my cousin’s passed away unexpectedly while we were traveling, and I have Facebook to thank for the update to know what was going on.  The internet worked FINE for that bit of sad news.

The upside is that my Cousin R was the caregiver of her husband who had suffered with Alzheimers for the last 10 years, and who passed away a year and a half ago.  R’s been fine with his release from this earthly prison, but it’s been a tough year and a half to develop a new life for herself, outside of her caregiving duties.

We were able to enjoy each other’s company when she flew out to California for another cousin’s wedding in October, so I’m glad we were able to renew our ties before her passing.

Hopefully, she will be back with her beloved husband in whatever world awaits us after this one, and they will both be restored to youth and vitality, able to enjoy each other’s company once again.

You never get enough time to do everything in this world, so it behooves us to make each minute count.


2 thoughts on “Addictions – where’s my internet?

  1. Glad to see you back. Sorry you got such sad news though. It does put things like ‘no internet’ into perspective though, doesn’t it? Now & then I remember how it was prior to the computer revolution. The early 80s before even the word processor version of a ‘personal computer’ was available and I wonder where my patience went. My focus on doing other things like jigsaw puzzles, coloring, crafts or whatever….I REMEMBER doing the jigsaws in my first apartment, spending hours on them, and for Christmas this year I got myself four jigsaws and I’m only about 3/4 through the first one now. The computer and the internet become an addiction I think. My church has recently begun a campaign that on Sunday its members focus on the holiness of the Sabbath day and my own version of doing that is to turn off the machines for a day. I stopped going to FB last year on Sundays, and now I may do an on-line jigsaw and check my email, but then it gets turned off (most of the time). I try to do things like jigsaw puzzles or read some articles related to my religion or do crosswords or a host of things and it’s oddly relaxing. I may extend that practice to a couple of days a week, particularly after my surgery. And, like you, I BET I’ll go batshit crazy being in the hospital and unable to access my computer addictions…it’ll be interesting to see how long the withdrawals really last. Anyway (another hijack of your blog) I’m really glad to see you here today!! 😀

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  2. Oh, I can entertain myself fine without the internet. The jewelry making and drawing are fine alternatives.

    But, when I need to get to my blog to vent to clear out the b.s, between my ears? It’s essential.

    I think your church is doing you a great service for trying to ensure that the parishioners socialize and do non-internet related things at least one day a week. It was kind of sad for each comic on the trip to have to remind folks to put away their phones as they were there to enjoy the show.

    You’re making me laugh, though, about the jigsaw puzzles. I love the “bepuzzled” brand, and recommend them highly if you haven’t ever tried them.


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