Studying and life goes on

CellTex Stem Cell Treatment

I’ve been spending the last few weeks scrambling to decide what type of stem cell treatment I might be opting for, presuming that my company was going to lay me off at Christmas.

However, the more I study, the less I know.

Right now, a very good friend is working for a biotech research group, and wants to “help” me.  Why do I feel that her involvement is a waste of time?  Am I really that controlling, or do I really feel she’s that much of a good-intentioned airhead, with her belief in “signs” and “portents” and that being good will automatically cause a happy life to result?  No idea, but this is the kind of thing I’m struggling with as I share information with her and hope for the best.

From my point of view, I’ve been granted a reprieve as the State has finally granted my disability payment claim, so they have backpaid me 3 months worth of partial income.  And I’m grateful.  VERY grateful.

My employer is still sitting on its hands, and arguing with me about long term disability, but I’ve started that process, too.  Seems like everywhere I look right now, I’m arguing with someone about something.  Fun, fun, fun.

Otherwise, it’s all ok.  Life still goes on.  I’m still on the better side of the grave, and I’m doing ok despite the exhaustion, pain and trouble breathing.

The stem cell treatment doesn’t seem like it will do much for my type of COPD illness, so I’m doing what my doctor suggested and stepping away from being an early adopter.

I found a great place for research, the Stem Cell Pioneers website, and the hosts have been involved in COPD stem cell research and use since 2007.  Pretty good, compared to everything else that was about 1 years worth of anecdotal stories and nothing further back.

Key things that I’m researching right now:




So, it goes on, and we’ll see how it all turns out.  For now, it’s Wednesday, so that makes it Spaghetti day for me.  Enjoy !

2 thoughts on “Studying and life goes on

  1. Wow! The research you’ve accomplished! I’m very impressed as I watch your journey at how organized you keep things and how the goals you set are accomplished – one by one by one.. It must be ‘spaghetti’ Wednesday all over the country, because oddly, that’s what I’m having for dinner too! Glad to see you writing again my friend! 🙂

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  2. Oh, I’m persistent. Slower than dirt sometimes, but I usually juggle a bunch of things at once and make progress over time.

    Glad to be back writing, now that all the claim paperwork has backed off. Unfortunately, until I get someone to figure out what damage was done to my arm by the meds, and how to fix it, I’m limited to an hour of two of writing per day, which is aggravating as it also means I can’t write if I used that same precious and finite time making jewelry, or cooking or anything else that involves my arm being crooked and doing a repetitive motion with my right hand / arm.

    Spaghetti and dinner out with friends was wonderful, though, and exactly what I hoped for in between rainstorms. Hope your dinner was as excellent as mine.


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