Yet more exercises.


Saw the physical therapist on Tuesday, and he couldn’t find a consistent pulse in my right wrist.  Couldn’t find a pulse at all in my inner elbow.

We talked about the problems I’d had with Anoro Ellipta, and then the worse problems I’d had with the Striverdi Respimat, and he concluded that the prior rupture of the pulse site vein in my inner elbow during an aforesis blood donation may have been an attraction for the medicine causing the arthritis-like symptoms to congregate.


Yet more damage done by a medicine designed to “cure” or at least alleviate my breathing difficulties.

So, $125 a visit (after the initial $195 evaluation) for 4 more visits, and then we see where we stand.

Hopefully, this new exercise regimen (much of what I do while swimming at the YMCA) will resolve the problem.  If not, then it’s on to finding a vein specialist to take a look at the arm.  Finding out that there’s virtually no pulse in the arm makes sense, but is pretty alarming for a longer-term perspective on what medicine can do to make one worse while trying to treat a different and separate issue.


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