As I’m working my way through this whole medical saga, I’m finding it very aggravating to deal with the 5,001 flavors of doctors.

I met with the endocrynologist yesterday to finally get *my* menopause related questions addressed a year after we started, and I spent most of that hour being berated and chastised because *I* didn’t communicate with specificity.  To the level of a doctor.


She was quizzing me on what I “thought” I knew, and she was obnoxious.  “Well, I know that 4 (carbs) equals 1 tsp of sugar.”

“Grams.  4 GRAMS of carbohydrates equals 1 tsp of sugar.”  she corrected.  She even did the eye-rolling thing, which really ticked me off.

Apparently, while I have my blood sugar under “reasonable” control, I test “too much”, so she’s only (and finally) given me a prescription for 50 test strips a month.  At $86 or so for out of pocket savings, I’ll take it.  Too little, too late, in my humble opinion, though.

Apparently, I *cannot* be having blood sugar crashes – even though I feel crappy if my blood sugar falls below 90 – as one can only have a “crash” if one is on blood sugar medicine.

Seriously?  I feel like crap, and that’s perfectly reasonable because it’s not technically a crash?  Humphhhhh….

The kicker was when I asked about a small mass on my adrenal glands (which all the medical literature says is “nothing”, but which I wondered if it was contributing to my exhaustion), and she went off on my pulmonologyst.  Said he was “neglectful”.  Implied he was incompetent, and that no one was as smart as she.

That’s it.  I’ve known this Sheldon Cooper-like bimbo for almost a year of crappy care, and I’ve known my pulmonolgyst for 22+ years, and *he’s* the incompetent one?

Not hardly.  Allowing me to participate in my own care is anything but incompetent in my humble opinion.

Time to go research alternative doctors.

This one’s got on my last nerve.

2 thoughts on “Superiority

  1. Get a second opinion and for GOD’S sake don’t go back to HER. Report her too. Any medical person who acts like that is NOT professional. And there are lots of doctors, so taking care of the client base (to me) seems wise, not acting superior and Sheldon Cooperish. I have encountered this person’s relatives before…and they got the short end of my stick, rude comments, sarcasm and finally a loss of a patient. I had such a twit for a ‘therapist’ last year and she got two rounds with me before I called it quits. Told her practice leader what an asshole she was and how unprofessional as well. I do NOT believe it is possible ‘to test too much” unless you’re doing it on the damn hour or something. Too expensive in my opinion if that were the case, but the recommended amount is 3-5 times a day, particularly when you’re getting your sugars under control and want to make sure diabetic meds/diet/exercise are working properly. And under 70 is considered a dangerous low, so 90? Not unusual to feel like it’s a crash, because that’s what it’s doing – if you tested in half an hour from that level, you’d most likely find it was under 70. Grrrrr. That woman is an ASS. Get some competent and caring medical provider instead of that idiot. I’m so sorry!!

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  2. Got some good leads from a friend going tgrough the same kind of search, and in the same area of practce, so the search is on for her replacement.

    Found it very interesting that they (the Docs) are all assciated with the sane medical association, and my obnoxious one is nowhere to be seen on the list of 4 potential matches for endocrine help.


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