Just call me ‘Pancho’


Got through the weekend mobile home shopping with a friend that is floundering and refusing to accept reality.

Her extended family is trying to help her avoid being homeless, but she sees zero reason to go along with any plans they’ve put in place for her – even as a temporary solution.

We got up to the storage unit where they’d placed her items – 3 hrs drive away from where she currently lives – and she insisted on arguing with the manager of the place for over 45 minutes about how they “stole” her items, and she should be allowed to change the locker into her own name.

Very frustrating to watch, as he had no authority to void the contract on her say-so (she wasn’t named as a signatory on the storage unit, even though they’d given her a key to get in and get what she needed).

Zero acknowledgement that I couldn’t physically mover her stuff to a new unit (even if they had one).  Zero acknowledgement that the unit manager was bound by contracts and property theft laws to not participate in whatever solution she wanted which involved terminating control of the unit by her niece and husband, without their written agreement and acceptance of the plan.

Very sad.

While I don’t want to be an enabler, my innate willingness to help gets me in trouble every time.

At this point, I’ve done what I could to help without adding to the harm, and I’m going off to enjoy my own weekend with a friend, visiting.

Best I can do…

2 thoughts on “Just call me ‘Pancho’

  1. ALL you can do. It’s very true that you ‘can’t help some people.” You may try, but like Pancho, find yourself trailing behind somebody who is clearly out of control and won’t listen anyway. I hope you have fun and relax with your weekend guest!!

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  2. My weekend guest was great ! Since she’s married, we hardly ever get any time together, so it was nice to shop, nap, eat and shop some more for the upcoming holidays. She’s got the grandkids almost done, and beat the big snowstorm driving back home. Excellent !

    Now, I’m cooking a bird and then off to Las Vegas with another friend to check on my Aunt, take her out for a show, and then come back home after the weekend.

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving.


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