Empirical Comparison

I’ve been trying to write on the iPad for 3 days, and I fear that the site redesign has killed my ability to blog using that tool.

However, I’m over on my laptop today, so I’ll play catch up before my company arrives for the weekend.  (Anything to put off the cleaning I’m supposed to be doing, LOL).


One of my pet peeves with this site redesign is that I’ve been trying to post this picture and write this blog for over 3 days, and it won’t let me add the picture first, and then type.

It’s type, and then add the photo, or nothing.

Plus, the new way they have compressed the size of the page as it competes with the software-only keyboard on the iPad, and the way I need to try and slide up and down to access data (which can’t be reached) is aggravating.  So, it will be a bit before I blog again as I can’t get to the laptop that consistently (and I have no idea why).

But, that being said, I have enclosed a poorly lit photo (to save your tender sensibilities from anything that would make you go “ewww!” to contrast the challenges of my feet / white marks and grooves in the nailbeds, bs. the otherwise acceptable appearance of my naked fingernails.

Unless it’s a major event, I don’t use nail polish on my hands as they just can’t stand up to the wear and tear.  My nail beds are too fragile, the nails peel and split, so I long ago stopped wearing nail polish (just like I stopped wearing makeup) because my body just doesn’t like it.

With the advent of the COPD worsening, I’ve now had to stop the use of toenail polish as it’s cutting off necessary access to oxygen, as noted by the overall whiteness and dried-out appearance of the toenail beds.

Not sure if anyone else with COPD has experienced this problem, but I’m throwing this out there for comment as a way to find out, empirically, if I’m the only one with this, or if it’s more common than the internet would lead one to believe.


2 thoughts on “Empirical Comparison

  1. I’m sorry to hear the I-thingies versus Non-Apple thingies war is still raging. (I = apple, doesn’t it??) I have a Droid based phone now, I’ve always used a PC based (versus Apple) computer and when I was in college for graphic design, the shock/terror of having to use the Apple system (apparently the preferred system for artists – graphic and non) was awful. They said then (2000) that a crossover version was becoming available as Microsoft and Apple went head to head. This was long before Smart phones or any of that, and it appears that the machines won. I’m sorry you won’t be able to write, I’ll miss your submissions. As to the COPD issue, I haven’t any input save to say that hubby’s toes never suffered (nails nor the actual toes)…that I could see. He never got the white nail beds like that. I guess his particular disease focused more on his lungs/heart. And, ironically, I’ve seen those sorts of nails on myself and my mother, neither of us having had COPD but having horrible circulation in our lower extremities. I’ve never been a pedicure kind of girl, no nail polish on my toes ever, but am planning to try it one day in the next year (too many bills this year and right now). We’ll see if it makes any difference to the appearance of the foot in that way…more oxygen deprived than they look now. I’m truly curious. When you get more information, do share.

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  2. Will do. For now, as the nails are growing out, there’s much less white on the beds now that I’m not wearing polish, so, empirically, the pedicurist may be on to something.

    At this point, I have a lead on a podiatrist who also runs a pedicure shop with folks she’s trained to do the pedicure “correctly” to avoid nail and ingrown toenail issues, if possible, so I should have an update later in December.


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