Vanity dies in small ways.


I don’t have many vanities.  However, I do think my feet are pretty good.

That vanity changed for me last night, though, when I had to have part of my toenail removed in response to apparently diabetes-driven ingrown toenails.


It’s not enough that I’m fat and masculine or asexual looking.  My one girlie vanity is going to be stolen away too, bit by bit.

The attending wasn’t pleased that I wouldn’t let her do a nail-ectomy (or whatevayacallit).  However, having completed my first partial nail removal, I can see she did a hack job.  I’m glad I decided to wait for the professional.

While I will be thrilled to be out of pain in the short term, I am not looking forward to having my one vanity tajen away.  This, too, shall pass,  eventually.  The death of vanity, though, is a very (emotionally) painful thing.

2 thoughts on “Vanity dies in small ways.

  1. Yes it is. My condolences. Still, you can have the other toes painted and pampered and when that one heals (we’re twins btw…that’s the same toe that I had the ingrown nail on) you can have it done up proper too. Unless there’s something I’m missing and that’s a real possibility. My podiatrist, along with numerous other people (my regular doctor, friends, random people that have chimed in on the ingrown toe nail story – EVERYBODY has had one and everyone has a tale about them too) have said that I should get regular pedicures actually, that the work the nail tech does on the feet is a cheap and relatively easy way for diabetics to get monthly foot care (which is denied under Medicare and most insurances – you can have a limited number of foot visits per year and then it’s on you.) I’ve resisted so far because someone strange touching my feet is a personal iggy of mine, but I’m thinking I may have to try it one of these days.

    Good luck and don’t be sad. It’s temporary and you obviously realize it.

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  2. Actually, you’re right on trend for this topic. I was telling the breathing tech at my Doc’s office the tale of the huge bandage (the wounded toe is like a magnet for bumping into things, and Katie wants to love all over it and bathe in the medicinal smell while it’s healing – ewww), and walked away with a podiatrist who’s also opened a pedicure spa with properly trained people to offer reasonably priced pedi’s done in a medically-sound fashion.

    Maybe you can find something like that in your town?

    As long as it’s not a strange guy touching my feet (eww – way too intimate) I can suck it up enough to allow the pedicure.


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