Similes. Not Synonyms.


As I wrote in an earlier post, all diseases are not created equal.  Because my situation does not fit into a tidy label, I refuse to be classified as a fraud and a cheat, as someone who isn’t willing to try hard enough to succeed.

While I don’t want to use my work history as a 1-size-fits-all example, my 42 years spent working should have some relevancy value in proving that I like an income for which I don’t need to rely on other’s compassion to receive, and that I prefer to work.

What I am seeking is the minimum income threshold so that the fear of looming financial disaster isn’t hanging over my head.

People with COPD find it harder to keep up in the later stages of the disease, and often get fired because of their declining endurance.

I am in no way comparing myself to a veteran with PTSD, with missing limbs and constant pain.  I am not comparing myself to a cancer patient going through chemotherapy and related brain fog and exhaustion issues.  Everyone has different issues, and one size DOES NOT fit all when it comes to understanding how people thrive and bounce back with whatever their health issues may be.  Or, with how they slowly wind down until they pass away.

I watched my mother struggle to get the benefits she paid into for her entire life, she was denied, and I’m just not that polite and ladylike.  I’m a scrapper and will fight for what I think is reasonable, even when denied.

As I’m apparently going to fall into the “slowly winding down” category, we’ll see if they have room at the disability benefits table for me.  Today’s HR specialist tried to tell me that ERISA isn’t involved in our plan (I beg to differ), but there may be some loophole granted to my German-based employer that I’m not aware of at this time.

Will her comment make me stop fighting?  Nope.  I will keep pursuing this claim until all arguments are exhausted.  So, I pushed her back to actually reading her own mail, and doing what I could to be diplomatic and not alienate her from my cause.  She was home sick with a cold, and while I conceded that she needed some time due to her own illness, I also expect written answers.

I’m stubborn that way.

Meanwhile, the manager of the mobile home community I saw this past weekend just called me, and I may have a lead on another unit (with a ramp and a fenced yard!) to go look at this weekend.  Fingers crossed for good luck on one of these.

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