Magic Beans?

Magic Bean Hand

In my efforts to ensure that I’m not too old to benefit from cutting edge technologies, I do my own research.  Even if my health insurance company won’t pay for a treatment (heck, they called a CT scan “experimental” on a recent invoice), it doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t consider alternative medicine.

While I’d love to be wealthy and able to choose my line of work without consideration of the ultimate pay rate, that’s just not my reality.  Not being paid for my disability through continuation of my salary (as originally promised in the materials and procedural outline provided by my company), means that things got very real when they (finally) approved me for unpaid disability (Family Medical Leave Act), while denying the fact that my doctor has declared that it’s time for me to stop working.  I’m now under what remains of a 12-week job protection deadline, where I’ll be booted to the curb and terminated sometime after December 31st, and the ticking of that clock is getting louder every day.  What’s my backup plan if it turns out that I myst return to some sort of employment to keep the wolf from the door?  No idea, but there’s a bookstore locally that I’d apply to while looking for receptionist-type jobs.

I’ve launched an ERISA inquiry through my employer as of Monday morning, and as of today I stepped up the heat to remind them that they owe me an answer – not the insurance company.  My employer will be on the hook for any benefits owed to me, should it be determined that I was treated improperly due to a conflict of interest for preserving profits (vs. caring for their patients with paid up benefit entitlements).  Of course, I could be dead by the time that they make up their minds, so I’m also looking at Plan B for pursuing Stem Cell therapy for my breathing difficulties.  If I have to work, I need to explore every option to improve my erroded endurance.


The steam cell theory seems like it may be worthwhile pursuing, however, they have only treated 1,000 patients since launching their operation, and all track record information for how effective the treatment was is empirical in nature, and less than a year old.  Magic Bean territory, for sure.

I found a few more companies providing similar services – one right here in Silicon Valley – however, since their efforts are geared toward the cosmetic industry in the Silicon Valley operation, I may do better considering the option out of Arizona.  Maybe.  I’m very biased against narcissism being the core treatment philosophy for the doctors providing a medical service to me.  Regardless of how wonderful their credentials appear to be, if they spend days injecting lips and moving around fat for appearances sake?  They just don’t feel credible with regard to their core vales for truly helping people on a core level (yes, I’m very judgy) and so do not appear to be the right doctor for me.  All this, before I’ve met a single person from that office.  See?  Judgy.

The least expensive option for treatment is $7,500 – not out of reach – but certainly not chump change.   It remains to be seen if my doctor will agree that the treatment is worth pursuing, or if I’d be buying some magic beans in the hope of restoring my life and energy level to normal (for me) so that I don’t have to keep on worrying about money 10-15 years sooner than society says I’m entitled to stop working…

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